Anne Frank house tickets are sold out, any other ways to buy last-minute tickets? I will answer all the questions and share what I did.

First, let me clarify the questions you have.

Best time to book your Anne Frank House tickets

Anne Frank House organization releases the tickets six weeks ahead, and it is vital to grab the tickets fast since it’s very popular.

What to do if Anne Frank House tickets sold out?

Unlike Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House is the only authorized channel to sell tickets.

How do I get the last-minute Anne Frank House tickets? Can I get Anne Frank tickets on the day?

In the past, Anne Frank House presold 80% of the tickets on their website and sold 20% on the day. However, it is not possible anymore.

They presell all their tickets online, so please DO NOT go to the ticket counters hoping there are tickets for the day.

It clearly says that tickets are only available on the Anne Frank House website at the entrance.

Can I buy the tickets somewhere else?

If you see anyone selling the tickets, there is a high chance that it’s illegal and fake tickets since you need to fill in the visitor’s name when purchasing online and show your id while entering the museum.

In short, if you cannot buy tickets on the official site, don’t buy them from anyone else. Also, there’s no group tour or guided tour that offers the Anne Frank house ticket.

What else can I do?

My experience with the private tours and what I like about it

If you still want to know more about Anne Frank House and the Jewish history of Amsterdam, you can join some walking tours or guided tours in Amsterdam; at least you get the chance to know more about the story and the background, and you are not sure when you will visit Amsterdam again.

The guide offers a lot of historical information during the tour, which is the best part. In addition, I understand what it was like more than just visiting the museum itself.

The atmosphere at the walking tour is less stressful than visiting the Anne Frank House. While at the Anne Frank House, I felt very sad while checking the rooms, attic, and pictures. It is not that the private tours are not serious, but the vibe is much better, maybe because I was outside and it was a sunny day.

I understand and remember more of what it was like by joining the tour since the guide would share the background in a storytelling way.

Anne Frank House tours are also very popular, be sure to check them out.

My tips when joining the tour

Remember to wear comfortable shoes, double-check the meeting point, have a bottle of water with you, and light bags on the tour day.

The most important of all: be on time, so you are fully prepared for the tour.

Anne Frank Tour options

Life of Anne Frank House & WWII – very popular!in multiple languagesCheck Now
Anne Frank and Jewish Quarter Tourin English & SpanishBuy Now
Anne Frank Virtual Reality TourFun and educationalBook Now
Anne Frank Bike TourExplore it on a bikeReserve Now

Amsterdam: Anne Frank Walking Tour

The 2-hour walking tour takes you to must-visit places like Jewish Historical Museum and the Auschwitz Monument. In addition, the guide explains life in the Netherlands during the Nazi occupation in the early 1940s and the life of Anne Frank.

They offer tours in different languages: English, German, and Spanish.

Private Anne Frank and Jewish Quarter Tour

If you prefer a much smaller group, this one is for you

In this 2-hour private tour, you learn more about Anne Frank and the other Jewish people’s lives during the Second World War. In addition, you also explore the vital sights for Jewish in Amsterdam during World War 2 in the Jewish Quarter, the Portuguese Synagogue, and the Jewish Council headquarters.

You get a lot of historical information during the tour during World War 2.

The tour has the option for English, Spanish, or German.

Walking Tour with a VR Experience

If you like to try something only in Amsterdam, check out the Anne Frank Virtual Reality walking tour. This walking tour combines a tour and a VR experience. You can walk in Amsterdam to see what it was like with your own eyes and learn about the story simultaneously.

Highly recommend it to travelers traveling with kids. It’s a great choice since it has a VR experience, is more fun for kids, and is very educational.

Anne Frank Bike Tour

If you love cycling and want to know more about WWII history and Anne Frank’s life on your bike, this tour is perfect! This tour comes with a guide, too. A unique experience!

I hope you find this post helpful. Let me know what you think after joining.

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