After so many exclusive travel tips for Amsterdam, it is time to explore other European cities. This time, please follow me to Prague, Czech Republic!

After visiting many European cities, Prague is one of my favorite cities. Why? Beautiful views, affordable price, and good food! Talking about food, I love their brunch service the most! In this post, I share the top 5 places for brunch in Prague, Czech Republic.

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Make a reservation or not? My tips!

These cafes are very popular. To be honest, I only checked where to have breakfast when I arrived in Prague. It was around Christmas time and full of tourists. I was lucky to get a table without a reservation. 

Strongly advise you to make a reservation before visiting Prague to get the best experience. If you, for some reason, did not make a reservation, do not worry. You still have a chance to get a table. Just avoid the busy times. The chances of getting a table are much higher!

#1 Cafe Lounge

Cafe Lounge is my favorite of all. They offer nice coffee and great food!

What if there is no reservation yet…

Cafe Lounge is a popular place among locals and tourists. My friend and I did not get a table when we were there on the second day, but they told us to come earlier, around 08.00 am the next day. The next day, we arrived at 08.30 am and waited around 20 minutes for a table.

Once you walk into Cafe Lounge, you immediately get the nice coffee smell. The people working there were very friendly and set up a nice waiting line.

Why do I recommend Cafe Lounge? My personal Recommendation!

I ordered Eggs Benedict with Smoked Duck; it tasted good and looked beautiful! My partner ordered freshly made Gornola with fruit. According to him, it was also a great dish.

Where is Cafe Lounge located?

Total cost: 485 CZK (including two drinks)

Location: 8 minutes walk to Petrin Park

#2 Cafe Savoy

Cafe Savoy offers its guests a wide range of delicate meals, including brunch, cakes, and drinks. Sitting there, I could imagine enjoying brunch with my girls on a cozy Sunday morning!

The only thing I do not like about Cafe Savoy is too many people. You cannot enjoy peace of mind here, and the people working here are all very busy. I could feel that they were all under a lot of pressure.

What to order at Cafe Savoy?

Cafe Savoy also offers nice pastry, but my friend and I were there for brunch, not a good time to try some dessert. It is also a good idea to enjoy your afternoon tea here!

Where is Cafe Savoy located?

Location: 10 minutes walk to Petrin Park

#3 Cafe Imperial

Talking about the restaurant in Prague, anyone would recommend Cafe Imperial, a restaurant with more than 100 years of story. The restaurant was fully renovated in 2007, and when I was there, just like the name, I was overwhelmed by the interior design and empire atmosphere.

Cafe Imperial is always busy. My friend and I visited Cafe Imperial on our first day around 11.00 am on Thursday. Though it was a workday, the restaurant was quite full already. Since there was no reservation in advance, we waited for around 10 minutes.

What to order at Cafe Imperial?

Duck Confit is the most popular dish, and it was excellent. The duck was still juicy, and with the sauce, it was a perfect match. The dish also came with red cabbage and Czech potato dumplings.

Where is Cafe Imperial located?

Location: 5 minutes walk from Metro Florenc Station.

#4 Cafe Louvre

Cafe Louvre is another long-lasting Cafe in Prague. Opened in 1902, but til today, Cafe still offers a certain old and classic atmosphere. Many famous people, like Franz Kafka, Albert Einstein, etc., visited this place, and while I was there, I imagined myself living in the old times.

There are many tables for the guests, so there is no need to wait in line for long, even during rush hours.

We went there on the weekend, so the place was full of people. Like any popular cafe in Prague, people working at Cafe Louvre are extremely busy.

Why do I recommend Cafe Louvre?

Their breakfast is a good deal and comes with various food and drinks. Strongly recommend having your breakfast here. Since it is a very popular place, remember to reserve a table first online.

Where is Cafe Louvre?

Location: 3 minutes walk from Metro Mustek Station.

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