5 Best Dinner Canal Cruise in Amsterdam [2023]

Are you trying to find the best tours to have dinner on a boat in Amsterdam? We’ve listed down the best Amsterdam dinner canal cruises here.

Are Dinner Canal Cruises In Amsterdam Worth It?

Yes, we tried it as a couple when we started dating.

An evening cruise lets you enjoy the enchanting canal views when it gets dark. The canal looks fantastic at night with the lights on on the bridge. In addition, you can enjoy more on the boat due to the cozy and quiet vibe at night.

For us, an evening cruise with dinner is an unforgettable experience. We love to make unique memories when we travel, and an evening cruise is one of them in Amsterdam!

Best Dinner Canal Tours in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Evening Canal Cruise Including Pizza and Drinks

Do you want to have easy food while taking the evening canal tour? Evening Canal Cruise with Pizza and Drinks is for you!

This tour includes 90 minutes of canal trip plus pizza and drinks. It’s popular among families and groups of friends due to its cozy atmosphere.

Highlight of the tour

  • EUR 34.50
  • 75 minutes ride
  • Departs at 18:00, perfect timing to see the sunset from October to March
  • 3-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station
  • Choose from six types of pizza
  • Vegetarian-friendly
  • Includes pizza, drinks, and ice cream
  • Perfect for families and groups of friends

Amsterdam Wine and Cheese Evening Cruise

Highlight of the tour

Want to have a local experience in Amsterdam? Do you want to try Dutch cheese during your trip to Amsterdam? This 90-minute tour is the most “Dutch” canal experience.

This was a delightful way of relaxing while soaking up the sights of Amsterdam and enjoying cheese with wine!

Roger (Check the full review here)
  • EUR 37.50
  • 90 minutes ride
  • 3-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station
  • Enjoy world-famous Dutch cheese
  • Perfect for families and groups of friends

Amsterdam 4-Course Dinner Cruise

It was a lovely evening. The food was delicious, and the wine was plentiful. The nighttime lights were very pretty. Good value for the cost.

Stacy (Check more reviews)

Do you want an affordable four-course dinner menu with your partner or family? This tour is for you. Moreover, you can enjoy local cuisine on board while enjoying the famous landmarks in Amsterdam, like Anne Frank House, Westerkerk, the world-famous “Seven Bridges Amsterdam,” etc.

If you want to join, reserve your tickets now since there’s only one tour per evening.

Highlight of the tour

  • EUR 79
  • 2 hours
  • perfect for couples and families
  • good-quality 4-course menu including drinks (wine, beer & soft drinks)

Private Romantic Night Canal Cruise in Amsterdam

Rococo was very knowledgeable about Amsterdam and the places on the canal trip. He was very good at what he does talks with a very calming voice. Extremely informative, not just about the place but also the pieces of music he played whilst on the trip. Good selection of local snacks, and we also had soft drinks if you didn’t drink alcohol or didn’t want to. Overall a great experience

Jason (Read more reviews here)

Have you ever imagined yourself enjoying a perfect night with your partner on a private small electric boat in Amsterdam? This is the only small boat tour offering dinner in Amsterdam!

The one-of-a-kind private evening cruise you cannot find anywhere else in Amsterdam; it’s very popular, be sure to book early!

Highlight of the tour

  • EUR 230 for two people
  • 50-munites ride
  • Small, comfortable, and quiet electric boat, so no noise, and good for the environment
  • Private boat, just you as a guest on the boat
  • Includes bubble drinks, waffles, and cheese
  • The captain is also the storyteller and the guide.
  • Deep dive into the Amsterdam canal area and its history

This tour is top-rated in Amsterdam; if you are still looking for the available dates for the evening cruise, try this tour!

Luxury dinner cruise in Amsterdam

I’ve lived in the Netherlands for over a century and on three Amsterdam canals. This is one of the very top experiences ever. Very much recommended.

Pariseugene (Read more reviews here)

Want to avoid a busy crowd while enjoying dinner in Amsterdam city center? This 3-course dinner cruise is for you. You can enjoy excellent quality food and a fantastic Amsterdam canal view simultaneously.

The boat is up to 16 guests, and it is a 3-hour ride, so you have ample space to enjoy good food and quality time on the boat. This tour offers the best quality above all the dinner canal tours.

If you can afford it, I highly recommend this tour!

Highlight of the tour

  • EUR 125
  • 3 hours
  • high-quality 3-course menu including drinks (wine, beer & soft drinks)
  • Enjoy restaurant-quality food on a boat, served directly from the kitchen of a renowned canal-side restaurant
  • have your private table, higher privacy
  • Up to 16 guests
  • Very popular and only have one tour per night, be sure to book in advance.