Arranging beforehand for your upcoming trip to Amsterdam, especially during the Dutch Tulip Season (March, April, and May), is required. Many places are packed with tourists, and you cannot even buy the tickets at the door for the day. You need to reserve tickets in advance to make your trip worthwhile!

how far in advance Do You Need to book?

Book your accommodation in Amsterdam once your flight ticket is confirmed, especially if you want to stay at Canal Belt Area.

If you find the accommodation expensive or your trip to Amsterdam is only one or two months away, check for affordable accommodation with good access to Amsterdam City Center.

Purchase your tickets at least two months in advance. However, the Anne Frank House tickets have a strict timeline. Anne Frank house tickets will be released on its official website six weeks before the visit date.

Keukenhof Entrance Tickets

Keukenhof is open from 21 March to 12 May 2024. It is jam-packed in April, especially around the Easter break.

If you are in Amsterdam during the tulip festival, be sure to reserve your spots in advance!

I recommend visiting the garden with the Keukenhof Express Bus. The garden is far from the train station, so it is best to take the express bus directly from Amsterdam Centraal Station.

What’s Included (From Central Station)Link
Entrance + Keukenhof Express BusCheck Now
Entrance + Keukenhof Express Bus + Windmill CruiseCheck Now
Day Tour Keukenhof & Zaanse SchansCheck Now
Day Trip Keukenhof & Tulip FarmCheck Now

Most people arrive at the park around 10 o’clock in the morning, so I recommend getting there before that so you can enjoy the park the most. Here is a detailed post with tips for visiting Keukenhof.

See Tulip Fields Tour

Most people head back to Amsterdam after visiting the tulip garden, but did you know that the tulip fields are also worth the visit?

Tulip fields we saw on our bikes
The Dutch Tulip Field is really worth a visit!

I’ve been to both the tulip garden and the tulip fields; I believe the tulip fields are much better than the garden because they provide a much more natural view. You can take many beautiful pictures with the flowers.

My partner and I cycled to the tulip fields, and once I got there, I really enjoyed it, except that it took us quite some time to find our way.

Cycling around Lisse to see the tulip fields is a pleasant experience I will never forget.

If I could do it again, I would join the tulip bike tour, or if you are an adventurous person, you can drive an electric car or even take a helicopter ride to see the tulips!

What’s IncludedLink
Explore The Tulip Fields BikeCheck Now
Drive It Yourself Around Bulb Fields In LisseCheck Now
Enjoy Tulip From The HelicopterCheck Now

Flower Parade Tour

Did you know that there’s a yearly flower event near Amsterdam to celebrate the tulip season?

In 2024, the Dutch Flower Parade is on Saturday, 20 April, 2024.

It is best to join a day tour because you do not need to worry about the traffic or time, and you can get an excellent spot to see the parade.

The flower parade is a yearly event, and the spots are limited. Reserve your spots now before it is sold out.

Van Gogh Museum

Another popular attraction among tourists is the Van Gogh Museum.

Van Gogh is one of the most famous Dutch painters, so if you love art or you are a fan of his artwork, you cannot miss it.

There are two parts: permanent exhibition and temporary exhibition. I stayed there for three hours to see all the artwork. I recommend entering the museum on Fridays after 16.00 to avoid the crowd since the museum is open until 21.00.

Canal Dinner Cruise

If you want to enjoy something more memorable during your boat trip, you can combine dinner with the canal tour!

There are two canal dinner cruises on demand: local dinner and luxury dinner on a canal boat.

I tried this local dinner on a canal boat with my colleague since she was on a business trip in Amsterdam. The vibe was great, and I could see the reflections of the building on the canal water, which was very beautiful. The food tasted good, but it was not extraordinary. I would enjoy the cruise more if the food was much better.

If you want a canal dinner tour with great food, join this luxury dinner cruise. It has many 5-star reviews.

To get a more local-vibe dining experience, you can try this tour, where you enjoy a four-course menu from a local couple’s canalside home.

Top-Rated Canal Cruises

Amsterdam is famous for canals; a canal boat trip is the best way to enjoy them.

By taking a canal tour, you can understand the Amsterdam story dating back to the 17th century, enjoy the view while taking the trip, imagine yourself living in Amsterdam, and, best of all, see the beautiful canal houses.

I took the boat tour after visiting the museums. I was tired, so taking the boat tour was a great idea since I could rest there.

Many canal tours are on the market; it depends on what you want and like. I took Lovers when I first arrived in the Netherlands. It was okay, but some people love it because you have quite an ample space and heating on board; I love Flagship more since it has a live guide and is a little bit more expensive, but it is worth it.

Captain Jack is very popular on the market but is a bit pricy and comes with unlimited drinks and snacks.

I took Flagship boat tour from Anne Frank House, it was fun and worth it.

Read more from our post: 9 best canal cruise in Amsterdam.

Why Taking This TourDurationLink
Big boat; heating included; Lowest Price; Ample Space1 hrCheck Rates
Great in value for the price you paid; live guide; electric boat; cozy vibe1 hrCheck Rates
Live guide; electric boat; fun vibe; includes drinks and snacks90 min.Check Rates
Popular smoking boat; limited spots70 min.Check Rates
private boat; perfect for couples2 hrCheck Rates
perfect for family or a small group of people2 hrCheck Rates

Day Tour To Giethoorn

Giethoorn is one of the must-see places in the Netherlands and is well-known worldwide as the Venice of the Netherlands. Many tourists would take advantage of this place even with limited time in the Netherlands.

However, the round trip by public transportation takes at least four hours, so it is a great idea to join a day tour where the tour agency arranges the transportation for you and even includes the boat tour in Giethoorn.

I love the Giethoorn and even visited it in Spring, Summer, and Winter (I live in the Netherlands!). I love it in spring the most because the weather is excellent, not too hot, and it helps us enjoy more while walking in Giethoorn and on the boat trip there.

You get extra 10% via our link. You will see the discount at the checkout page.

Day Tour To See Windmills and Fisherman’s Village

Talking about traveling in the Netherlands, you cannot ignore windmills!

Zaanse Schans is near Amsterdam, but it has a magnificent overview of the windmills. Before visiting there for the first time, I didn’t expect it would be so fun!

I thought it was a small city with some windmills, but the whole trip was fantastic.

I got to see the inside of these windmills, understood how the wooden shoes were made, and had an adorable Dutch cake, “appeltaart.”

The day trip also includes the fisherman’s village, Volendam.

I had Dutch food, like herring and Kibbeling, a classic Dutch snack. I also took the boat from Marken to Volendam. The trip was totally worth it since it is very “Dutch-like.”

If you want a short day trip to the Dutch countryside, join this trip. I believe you won’t regret it!

Anne Frank House

If you are interested in the Second World War, visit Anne Frank House.

The Anne Frank House tickets are very popular, so you need to buy them on the day they are available on its official website; there’s no other way to buy them elsewhere.

If, unfortunately, by the time you read this post, your desired visit day tickets are sold out, you can try some walking tours to learn about it during the Second World War in Amsterdam and The Netherlands.

If you decide to visit Anne Frank House, read our Anne Frank House Guide.


Rijksmuseum collects a lot of masterpieces from Dutch painters, like The Milkmaid by Vermeer, Self-portrait by Van Gogh, and Rembrandt’s Night Watch.

If you want to see the authentic artwork from these painters, reserve your spots in advance.

The museum houses over 8,000 works, but most people stay there for around two hours.

I spent the whole afternoon at the museum since I loved art a lot.

If you have time, you can rest at the museum cafe. It was an excellent experience for us.

Royal Palace (Koninklijk Paleis)

Want to have a look at what’s inside a Dutch Royal Palace?

The Palace has nearly 5-star reviews, and many visitors are impressed by its interior design, priceless paintings, and historical rooms and objects.

The Palace is at the Dam Square, right in the city center. You can walk 10 minutes from the central station or take the tram.

When there are no royal events, the Palace opens to the public, so if it is open when you are in Amsterdam, be sure to have a look!

Get an audio guide for your visit to make it more interesting.

Moco Museum

If you like contemporary art, you must attend the Moco Museum.

The museum collects famous works from Banksy, a street artist known in the UK, Yayoi Kusama from Japan, etc.

I loved the museum a lot as there were a lot of thought-provoking works. At the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum, I enjoyed high-level painting techniques from famous artists. At the Moco Museum, I learned how to see things differently.

The museum is private-funded and is relatively small, so be sure to pre-book your tickets.

Fabrique des Lumières

If the paintings are not for you, try something different like this one.

Fabrique des Lumières is a digital art exhibition where you can fully immerse yourself in the interactive light projections from famous artists like Dalí & Gaudí.

I went there for the first time in 2021 and was impressed by it. Before going there, I was hesitant, but it was a unique experience where I enjoyed the art with light projections and excellent music. It was like an art festival.

If you love art, but your kids still need time to enjoy it at a museum, maybe it is a good idea for them to try it out at Fabrique des Lumières.

Food Tour

Want to experience Dutch culture through local food?

Food is an integral part of a culture; you can better know its history and people through food. That is why food tours are more popular nowadays.

This tour takes you to the historical Jordaan district in Amsterdam, where you visit 8 different places for 12 different local cuisines and, of course. It is more than a food tour; it also touches the local culture.

It is limited to 12 people and has a nearly 5.0 rating from more than 1,000 reviews.

A’DAM Lookout Swing

Want to challenge yourself? Take a swing over the edges to experience Europe’s highest swing.

A’DAM Lookout is an observation deck with a stunning panoramic view of Amsterdam. I was there in April 2023 and was impressed by the view! However, I did not take the swing since I feared the height!

If you love trying new things, visit this place and try the swing. The swing is very popular, so be sure to secure your spots!

It is also worth your time to visit A’DAM Lookout to enjoy the view and the relaxing vibe. I did not take the swing, but I still had a great evening.

This Is Holland

Get on a 5D simulated flight to see important Dutch World Heritage sites, like Amsterdam’s famous canal ring, the Wadden Sea, and windmills!

You will get the ultimate flight experience with your five senses during the flight. It is an activity perfect for families with kids; I am sure your kids will love it.

This is Holland, which is located in Amsterdam Noord. You can get there quickly by free ferry from Amsterdam Central Station. You can also enjoy dinner at Loetje, which is less than a 10-minute walk from This Is Holland.

Final Thoughts: What To Arrange Ahead For Amsterdam

I hope you find this post helpful, and be sure to pre-book these attractions and tours before your trip to Amsterdam.

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