Looking for cheap canal tours in Amsterdam? This post shares the most updated best canal cruise discounts!

Limited Offer: Cheapest Canal Tour In Amsterdam

Taking the canal cruises in Amsterdam is one of the things you should do in the city.

Whether you travel solo in Amsterdam or with your friends, families, or loved ones, it is highly recommended to take canal cruises.

It might be a bit pricy for some, but this canal cruise is one of the best canal cruises in Amsterdam and is on sale now.

Most Affordable With Good Quality Boat Tour

If you prefer to avoid taking big boats, consider this canal tour with fewer guests, but it is also very affordable.

We like to take smaller boats over bigger boats since you can enjoy the peace and quiet much more.

Cheap Canal Tours For Families In Amsterdam

If you travel as a family, consider this canal tour. If more people travel together, you get a more significant discount.

Amsterdam Canal Tour Insider Tips

If you take a big boat, it is better to take the seat in the middle of the boat. It might be noisy at the front, and you might smell the bad air from the fuel. If you can, get on the boat earlier to secure the best spots!

In addition, it is wise to take the cruise after a long day walking in the city. You can enjoy the view while taking a rest.

Last, make sure you book the tickets in advance to get the best time slot for your trip to Amsterdam.

The best place to take the canal cruise in Amsterdam

Most people take the canal cruise near Amsterdam Central Train Station, but you can also take the cruise from Anne Frank House and boat trips from Rijksmuseum.

We prefer to take the boats from Rijksmuseum or Anne Frank House since fewer people are on the boat.

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