Amsterdam city center is a must-visit area since there are many attractions for you to explore. However, it also means tourists trap in terms of food. If you want to avoid unreasonable food prices or lousy quality Asian food, read my Amsterdam cheap Asian food guide for lunch and dinner in Amsterdam City Center.

#1 Wok to Walk: best Asian takeaway food

If you like warm food like me, do not miss out on “wok to walk”. It is take away food with Chinese cooking style.

They offer 6 different types of rice, noodles, sauces, and many other vegetables. The basic box is 5 euros, with eggs, rice/noodles, and limited vegetables. You can pay more for meat (chicken, pork, and beef) and vegetables.

I like Wok to walk a lot when I am in the center of Amsterdam as the food is expensive in such a tourist area and the quality is sometimes not that good. Highly recommend you to go here if you like rice and noodles in the Chinese style like me.

#2 Eazie: healthy Chinese food

On the second place of my cheap food guide to Amsterdam is Eazie.

However, Eazie has not that many stores in Amsterdam yet; they are located more in Leiden and Den Haag areas. Eazie is similar to Wok to walk, but they are way healthier.

With the basic box (5.50 Euro), you get at least 5 types of vegetables of your choice, and your food is not greasy. Personally, I like to have steamed rice, so it’s not as greasy as fried rice. You can choose the ingredient or just pick the set menu they offer.

#3 Thais Snack Bar Bird: authentic and cheap Thai food

Are you a Thai food lover? Then you should not miss this one! It’s on the top of my list regarding the best cheap Thai food in Amsterdam City Center.

They offer the best Thai street food in Amsterdam at a very reasonable price.

The place is always full during mealtime, so ensure you are there 1 hour in advance to avoid the crowd. I always order Thai snacks, like spring rolls and soup like Tom Yum Kung (spicy but full of shrimp taste) and Tom Kha Gai (coconut-based chicken soup).

If you like spicy food, read my favorite places to enjoy spicy food in Amsterdam city center. and if you want to try more asian food, please visit my top-rated places for asian food in Amsterdam China Town.

#4 STACH food: enjoy organic Dutch sandwich

If you would like to have a sandwich, then go to STACH!

It’s a store offering many types of organic products and food. I personally like their coffee and sandwich a lot (I am not a sandwich lover!). Their bread is very fresh, and you get a lot of vegetables. I like their tuna salad sandwich the most.

If you have a chance to walk by, be sure to visit their store even if you are not hungry. The product decoration and layout are amazing, making all the products extra attractive.

#5 Suriname restaurants: cheap and tasty choice!

Suriname was a Dutch colony, but many people from Suriname moved to the Netherlands to living and work. Amsterdam is the most international city in the Netherlands; of course, there are many Suriname stores.

I highly recommend their food if you want to try exotic cuisine.

Their meals usually come with a big portion, unlike other Amsterdam stores. The best part of it, it’s cheap, too, with less than EUR 10 per person.

Apart from curry, I also recommend Saoto Soup. It’s Saoto sauce-based soup with sliced potato and rice. It tastes really good! With only EUR 5 per soup.

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