Looking for the last-minute Keukenhof entrance ticket for your desired time slot? Here is the solution!

You are reading this post because you cannot buy the tickets for your desired time slot; I got you, and here is the solution!

What should I do if Keukenhof tickets are sold out?

Go to Tiqets, the official partner of Keukenhof, during the tulip season.

It is part of Airbnb investment, and I have tested it; it is a reliable platform.

They have a helpful customer service team, and most importantly, you can cancel your tickets without an extra fee one day before your visit. However, it costs EUR 2.50 per booking to cancel tickets bought at the Keukenhof website.

I like to book tickets on Tiqets when traveling in the Netherlands.

How do I get last-minute Keukenhof tickets departing from Amsterdam Central Station

Suppose the tickets departing from Amsterdam RAI are unavailable for some time slots. In that case, you can book the tickets departing from Amsterdam here.

Tiqets offers a better option.

You can get on the shuttle bus from Amsterdam Central Station to Keukenhof, so there is no need to take the metro to Amsterdam RAI. This is a perfect solution if you want to explore or return to the city center afterward.

Do I need to wait for a long time for the shuttle bus?


When I was there, it only took me around 5-10 minutes waiting for the shuttle bus. It is totally acceptable!

That is why I highly recommend taking the shuttle bus. If you go to the garden by car, you will likely get stuck in a traffic jam and unfamiliar with the traffic.

What can I do after Keukenhof?

Tulip fields we saw on our bikes

It is worth visiting tulip fields near the Keukenhof.

However, from my personal experience, they are hard to find.

I was on my bike with my partner to see the blossoming tulip fields. It took quite some time to find them, and finally, we found one field. It was not as beautiful as I expected.

I recommend joining this affordable bike tour since the guide takes you to the fields where tulips bloom.

Furthermore, not all fields welcome tourists, so a guided tour can save time if you want an excellent tulip experience.

Is visiting the tulip field on bikes the only option?

You can have more options: rent an electric car for an adventurous tulip trip in the Netherlands or get on a helicopter to look over the tulip fields in the air.

If you’d like an unforgettable experience, join this helicopter tour!

How much time do I need to visit Keukenhof?

Keukenhof is huge. When I was first there, it took me half a day to explore the garden!

My friends and I explored the garden, took pictures with the flowers and enjoyed some shows!

Reserve at least 3 hours for the garden and consider the transportation time!

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