Are you planning your trip to Keukenhof? I’ve visited it twice, and here are my insider tips and the ultimate guide to the world-famous tulip garden.

Is Keukenhof worth it?

Yes! Keukenhof is the best way to visit tulips in the Netherlands.

There are many different kinds of tulips for you to enjoy at once inside the garden. Besides, the park is organized and well-designed to showcase their gardening skills.

You can enjoy it even if you are not a big fan of the flowers since it’s a gratifying outdoor experience, take pictures, picnic inside the park, or even take a canal cruise—one of the things you must do while traveling in the Netherlands.

When is the best time to visit Keukenhof?

In 2024, the park opens from 21 March til 12 May. You are welcome in this period.

It is difficult to tell when the flowers will fully bloom since it depends on the weather. Generally, you have a higher chance of seeing full-bloom tulips around mid-April.

However, the park has an indoor tulip garden so that you can see the beautiful smiling tulips.

Where is the garden exactly

It’s in Lisse, a city near Leiden, but public transportation easily accesses it.

Keukenhof welcomes tourists worldwide; they have affordable combination tickets that you can take on the shuttle bus from big cities, like Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport, and Leiden, directly to the garden.

How long should you stay

Most people stay inside for around 3 to 4 hours.

I suggest getting to the park early in the morning to utilize your time and avoid the crowd entirely.

It’s best to arrive around 08.30 and 09.00; you start to see more people around 10.00.

The Best Combo Tickets For Your Trip To Keukenhof

If you want the best deal for Keukenhof, you should check out the “Tulip Festival Card.”

It includes an entrance ticket to Keukenhof, an Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket (ARTT), an Amsterdam city audio guide, and a Tulip festival digital guide.

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket (ARTT) covers all the transportation between Amsterdam, Haarlem, and Zaandam.

During the tulip season, it also covers transportation to the Keukenhof!

The official Keukenhof combination tickets only cover the transportation from Amsterdam RAI or Schiphol Airport, Haarlem, for the Amsterdam Area.

However, most people must travel to Amsterdam RAI Station or Schiphol Airport. With the Tulip Festival Card, you don’t need to worry about transportation costs at all; you can easily control how much you spend per day!

Pro tip: You can visit Zaanse Schans after the Keukenhof with this card to maximize the card value!

Tips for buying Keukenhof tickets from Amsterdam Central Station

If you choose the combination tickets from Amsterdam Central Station, it’s better to take the ones departing before 09.00.

It gets more people around 10.00; you probably have to wait in line for the shuttle bus, even if you already booked the time slot.

I don’t like to wait in line for the shuttle bus, so I prefer to take the early ones.

It is very busy during the tulip season, be sure to book your tickets in advance.

What’s IncludedLink
Entrance + Express BusBook Now
Entrance + Express Bus + Windmill CruiseBook Now
Day Tour Keukenhof & Zaanse SchansBook Now
Day Trip Keukenhof & Tulip FarmBook Now

Where to stay in the Netherlands to visit Keukenhof

You don’t need to stay at the accommodation near Leiden or Lisse since it’s easy to access the park by public transportation.

I advise staying in Amsterdam or finding accommodation near Schiphol airport since you have more hotel options and get a better price in value.

From Amsterdam

If you are a budget traveler, I highly recommend the hotel in Zaandam since it’s only around EUR 100 per night, which is considered a reasonable price during the tulip season, and you get excellent quality.

We’ve also gathered the best 3-star affordable hotels in Amsterdam during the tulip season.

How to get to the park from Amsterdam

For the Keukenhof shuttle bus, you need to take it from Amsterdam RAI station, which is only very convenient for some.

If you want to take the bus to the park near Amsterdam Central Station, this is a good option for you.

If you live near Amsterdam Noord, you can get on this bus to garden directly; they will take you directly to the park.

If you wish your tulip trip to be more than just the Keukenhof, you can join this tour which takes you on an exclusive windmill cruise and a behind-the-scenes visit to a bulb farm.

From Schiphol

Schiphol is the perfect location to stay for visiting the tulip garden. Besides, the prices are reasonable, and it is easy to visit other Dutch cities.

If you arrive at the airport in the afternoon or evening, most people have Keukenhof as their first stop for the next day.

Imagine resting well on the day at your hotel in Schiphol and getting prepared for your next trip to Keukenhof.

Here are the best 3-star hotels near Schiphol airport.

The best walking route in the park

The first time I visited the garden, I didn’t prepare anything beforehand; I just followed the crowd inside the park.

However, it is way more efficient if you plan to visit the best and most beautiful part first.

Here is the best route to take inside the park.

Oranje-Nassau Pavilion

Once you enter the park, visit the Oranje-Nassau Pavilion area since there are a lot of different kinds of flowers! Moreover, you can see the dutch outdoor gardening design skills; it’s the most fantastic flower park we’ve seen.

If you arrive early, now is your best chance to take pictures since there are many people.

The pond

Once you enter the Oranje-Nassau Pavilion, the renowned pond is near you.

With the water view in the background, you can take amazing pictures with it.

Mill area

Another popular spot is the windmill in the Mill area, a lovely place to take unforgettable pictures.

It was my last stop when I was there but packed with people. Suggest you visit there early. If you are late, getting a nice photo takes longer.

I like this area a lot; it is very cozy and an excellent place to get an overview of the tulip fields in the Lisse area.

Tulipmania at the Juliana Pavilion

Then, you can visit Tulipmania, where many different kinds of tulips await you.

Tulip is originally from Turkey, but the dutch made it world-known due to their innovation in developing colorful tulips.

Some tulips are rarely seen in the market; now is your best chance to explore them!

Tips to get the most from your trip

Here are some tips that will help you

Fully utilize the resources at Keukenhof

If you plan your trip early, you can also book a 60-minutes paid guided tour, a 45-minute cruise with Keukenhof around the tulip fields, and rent a bike.

These tours have limited spots, be sure to book them early.

Enjoy the park in the morning, and tulip fields in the afternoon

If possible, it’s great to visit the garden in the morning and rent a bike at Keukenhof (self-tour) to enjoy the tulip fields in Lisse in the afternoon. You can get the most out of your trip!

What if you cannot get the bikes at Keukenhof? My Solution!

Tulip fields we saw on our bikes

My top pick is to join this bike tour, so you have a guide taking you to the best tulip fields for pictures in Lisse. Most tourists need help finding one. If you want to take lovely photos at the tulip fields, joining this tour is best.

If you want something more adventurous, drive an electric car to see the bulb fields! The car has an audio guide, so you know where to go for the tulips.

What’s even crazier, you can see the tulip fields inside a helicopter! Unique tulip experience!

Join the once-a-year Flower Parade at the park

The flower parade is on 20 April 2024. It’s a world-famous event in the Netherlands. If you wish to get the experience, joining a flower parade tour is the best.

Visiting keukenhof tips

Grab the map at the entrance

Grab the map at the entrance to understand the park better and where to go.

Don’t take pictures once you enter the park

Most people take pictures once they enter the park.

Remember: there are more unique places to take pictures, so don’t spend too much time taking place when you enter the park.

Buy the tickets online, so there is no need to wait in line to buy the tickets

To best enjoy your trip, buy your tickets online so that you can secure your spots for the shuttle bus!

You can buy your tickets either on the official website or join some day tours to save all the hustles.

Start your day early, so you can enjoy the park as long as you want to

Arrive at the park early to enjoy the park the most.

In addition, there’s no time limit; you can stay as long as you like.

Dress for the occasion and wear comfortable shoes

Wear comfortable shoes is the most important.

It will be a long day so you will walk a lot. Wearing nice shoes is best for cycling around the tulip area.

Have a picnic inside the park since the drinks and food are expensive

I strongly suggest bringing food inside the park since it is more expensive and takes longer to get it during lunch.

The best place to have a picnic is the Windmill area.

Bring water bottles with you

You will walk a lot, so it is essential to drink on your trip.

In the Netherlands, you can refill your bottle from the tap, and filling it just from the tap is common.

Show your debit/credit card only!

Only paying with a debit or credit card is allowed; cash payment is impossible. Don’t bring so much cash with you!

Small bags and travel light!

After arriving at the airport, if you would like to visit the tulip garden, please store your luggage at the airport first.

What to do after visiting the park

As mentioned, visiting the park in the morning is best since fewer people exist! In the afternoon, you can enjoy the tulip fields in Lisse.

This is the best part of the day! Keukenhof is worth it, but visiting the Lisse tulip field is the best!

Here are some tours that will help you get the best experience.

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