Want to have a coffee date in Amsterdam? Then this is the right article for you! This post includes hidden coffee spots in Amsterdam. Click and read it!

I always have my coffee along the canals or with nice views or atmosphere from Amsterdam. Here is my top 5 places for nice views/atmosphere in Amsterdam after living 5 years in this beautiful city!

Attention: Before you read on… Before I start sharing my secret best coffee spots in Amsterdam, I would like to tell all my readers the difference between Coffee shops and Café. 

To many of you, you probably think: ah? Isn’t that the same? 

Well, Amsterdam is a place of freedom, and you never know how crazy it can be! In short, a coffee shop is never the place for having a cup of coffee. If you just want to enjoy a cup of coffee, please go to the “Café”. Coffee Shop is the place for weeds, space cakes, and so on.

#1 Blue Café: good coffee with an Amsterdam city view

Amsterdam city line is just right in front of you!

Blue Café is my favorite coffee place in Amsterdam. Why? Isn’t it nice to enjoy Amsterdam’s view while drinking your coffee?

The café is located in Amsterdam centrum (Amsterdam City Center) and is surrounded by shops. When you take the elevator to the 4th floor, the beautiful Amsterdam city view is right in your eyes. In addition, it’s nicely decorated and very cozy.

Remember to grab the table next to the window. Otherwise, you will regret it. 

Blue Café is the best café in Amsterdam center/centrum since they offer a nice Amsterdam city view with a very affordable price for coffee! Highly recommend having a rest here while you shop on Kalverstraat. With just only Euro 3, you can enjoy the city view of Amsterdam.

Location: Amsterdam Centrum

#2 CT Coffee &Coconuts: from Amsterdam to a relaxing café in South East Asia!

Best cozy atmosphere for a cup of coffee in Amsterdam, just like in SEA (South East Asia)!

Want to find the best coffee date spot? Then CT, Coffee, and Coconuts Amsterdam is your best choice! The best café in Oude Pijp!

The story of CT Coffee&Coconuts

The place was renovated from a historic theater. The theater was one of the most popular places in Amsterdam, but as time passed, it was not popular and was abandoned for a long time.

Luckily, Bas, who was the café owner, found this theater and believed that the theater could be a good place to run a café if it was properly renovated. With two other café investors, Bas turned the theater into a perfect place for coffee lovers, either for chitchat with friends, working place, or date spot.

Why it’s special

While staying at CT Coffee and Coconut, the relaxing atmosphere makes you just feel like in South East Asia (SEA), and the best part is: ENJOY FRESH COCONUTS!

Close your eyes and imagine yourself at the beach in Indonesia! In addition, CT, Coffee, and Coconuts café is also a good place to work on your laptop in De Pjip Area since they have a big sharing table for you to use, and you can stay there as long as you like (plus free WIFI)!

Location: Close to Oude Pijp, Amsterdam

#3 Café Thijssen: best Cozy café on canals in Amsterdam

The best Hidden cafe to enjoy canal views in the Amsterdam canal area!

When you visit Amsterdam, you can never skip the beautiful canal area. After all, it is what Amsterdam is famous for, isn’t it?

On a sunny day in Amsterdam, imagine you living in Amsterdam while walking along the canal. This is what I like to do. If you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy a peach of quiet, but at the same time enjoy the canal view, where can you go?

That is: Café Thijssen. Café Thijssen is a famous café located in a historical canal house.

When you walk into the café, you quickly sense that it is a popular place in the daytime or nighttime. I love to go there, especially in summer; you see beautiful plants growing in the building. Remember to enjoy your coffee outside when it’s sunny!

Location: Amsterdam Centrum (Canal Area)

By the way, I highly recommend staying at Amsterdam Canal Belt Area if you have not book your accommodation yet.

#4 Winkel 43: offers the best Appletaart in Amsterdam!

Winkel 43 has the best Appletaart in Amsterdam! Make sure you grab a seat first before your order!

If you don’t have much time but want to try the best food in the Netherlands, go to Winkel 43 for the world-famous Appletaart (In Dutch) or Apple Pie.

Dutch apple pie is very much different from American apple pie. Inside the Dutch cake, you taste a big piece and fresh apple.

Inside the Dutch cake, you taste a big piece and fresh apple. Winkel 43 freshly made Appletaart every day, and since it is way too popular, they have to make it multiple times per day freshly.

Location: Amsterdam Centrum (Canal Area)

You can visit this place after visiting Anne Frank House as it is close by or you can take the best canal boat tours near Anne Frank House.

#5 Dignita Hoftuin: best garden café in Amsterdam center/centrum

Best cafe for nature in Amsterdam!

Want to enjoy Amsterdam and nature at the same time? Then Dignita Hoftuin is your best choice for a garden café/green café in the Amsterdam canal area. 

Dignita Hoftuin is right next to the Amstel River; you can enjoy the atmosphere in Amsterdam and enjoy your coffee in the garden/park. 

It’s one of a few kids-friendly cafés in the Amsterdam Centrum Area, where they have indoor and outdoor playgrounds for kids. 

I fully recommend the readers to enjoy the breakfast in Dignita Hoftuin as well; their brunch set is very delicate and tasty. Good coffee, good food, and happy kids, these are all only at Dignita Hoftuin.

Location: Amsterdam Centrum (Close to Wibaustraat)

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