Anne Frank House is one of the most famous museums in Amsterdam. What are the best tips for visiting Anne Frank House in Amsterdam?

Is it worth visiting Anne Frank House?

Anne Frank House is worth the visit if you are in the Second World War or Jewish history in Europe.

You can see where Anne was hiding during the Nazi occupation in Amsterdam. I highly recommend reading the books before your visit so you feel better about what happened and how Anne thought.

If you need more preparation, buying your ticket with the introductory program is best, so you fully understand the background.

Tips for parents traveling with kids

If you are traveling with your kids, please check if your kids are suitable for visiting the museum. In addition, is it enough for your kid to see the museum, or would you like to join the introductory program?

The introductory program shares how the Nazis executed the Jews during the Second World War. Please check if your kid is in the state of mind to join.

Special reminder for the parents

It’s essential to travel light and be on time at the museum.

While traveling with kids, you might have a lot of stuff and things you cannot control, so please remember that there are no storage rooms for your bags or baby trolley. Your ticket is only valid if you attend your reserved time slot.

General Anne Frank House Tips and answers to your top questions

The best time to book your ticket is six weeks before your visit date!

The museum has minimal spots, and the tickets are sold out quickly.

Once you decide on a date for your trip to Amsterdam, book it once it’s available on the official website.

Each time slot only has 30 minutes, but you can stay inside the museum as long as you want to.

How fast do Anne Frank House tickets sell out?

It depends on the season and time slot, but it’s very popular.

If you plan to visit the museum, I advise you to book the tickets once they are available to get the best time slot for your trip.

If you cannot book the tickets while you are in Amsterdam, here is what you can do.

Buy the tickets online yourself

Since you need to provide the visitor’s name while reserving the tickets and need to show your ID while visiting the museum, it’s best to book the tickets yourself in case something goes wrong.

How much is the entrance fee? What types of tickets can you have?

The adult ticket is EUR 16; for kids, around 10-17 years old is EUR 7 (2024 rate).

If your kid is below 7, it only costs EUR 1.

There is no minimum age to visit the museum, but as parents, you can decide if your kids are suitable for visiting the museum. The recommended minimum age from the museum is ten years old.

What’s the introductory program?

You can choose to buy with or without the introductory program. It costs EUR 7 more if you purchase tickets with the introductory program.

The program takes around 30 minutes and shares some information about the history of Anne Frank in the context of the Second World War and how the Nazis prosecuted the Jews. It is an excellent way to prepare for the visit, but it might not be a good idea for kids. Please consider if your kids are suitable to join.

It’s important to know that you can only book the introductory with the entrance ticket. If you miss it, there’s no chance to buy it separately.

There’s no way you can get the tickets if they are sold out

In the past, the museum sold 80% of its tickets online and the rest on the day. However, it is not the case anymore.

It clearly says that tickets are only available on the Anne Frank House website at the entrance.

Nowadays, they presell all their tickets online, and getting elsewhere is impossible. If you see people selling tickets, that’s an illegal source.

In addition, you need to fill in the visitor’s name to buy the entrance tickets and show your ID to prove you are the ticket holder.

What does it mean when it says tickets are not available?

That’s correct.

Furthermore, there is no tour with entrance tickets; you can only buy the tickets on the Anne Frank House website.

The evening is the best time of day to visit the Anne Frank House

The museum is open daily from 09.00 – 22.00 except for the 1st of January and 25th of December, and 31st of December.

From my experience, I prefer to visit the museum in the evening since I can do more sightseeing in Amsterdam in the daytime.

Tips for visiting Anne Frank House in Winter

It’s best to visit the museum in the evening since it gets dark around 16.30 in December; you want to fully utilize your time for other attractions when the sun still shines.

However, the evening time slot is very popular, be sure to book it right after the museum releases the tickets online.

Spend at least around 1-hour at the museum

The museum is small; you booked the time slot when purchasing the tickets.

Most people stay at Anne Frank House for around one hour, but you can stay as long as you want. I visited a bit longer because I watched short films in the museum.

To be safe, you can reserve around 90 minutes on your schedule.

Read Anne Frank’s Diary before your visit

To get the best experience at Anne Frank House, I highly recommend reading Anne Frank House Diary or checking some relevant information online before your visit.

If you need to learn more about the background, it is best to join the introductory program first.

Book early for your tickets

Anne Frank House tickets are very popular. If you want to visit the museum, buy the tickets once they release them online.

Is there a dress code? Nope.

There is no dress code. In the museum, we’ve seen people wearing shorts, sandals, etc.

Be aware of the stairs

Anne Frank House is a tiny historic building with narrow stairs like any other Amsterdam house.

I suggest wearing comfortable shoes.

Arrive early

You book the tickets with a time slot. Make sure to arrive early or before the scheduled time slot since the museum will not let you visit if you miss it.

To prepare yourself for a visit better, arriving early is wise.

Use the audio guide; no need to reserve it

The museum offers an audio guide in nine languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish)—no need to reserve them in advance.

No large bags, only bags smaller than an A4 sheet of paper, are allowed inside the museum.

If you have big suitcases, please store them somewhere else first.

An excellent place to do so is Amsterdam central station. However, the best option is to leave them at your accommodation.

No photography inside the museum

Leave your camera behind and fully enjoy the museum. However, you can only take some pictures at the entrance for your memory, without any other visitors in the picture.

Where to go after visiting Anne Frank House?

There are many good places around the museum; I’ve listed my favorite spots in the neighborhood.

Take some pictures with the canals

The museum is right next to the famous Princegraght. Remember to take beautiful pictures with it. It’s my favorite spot for Amsterdam photos!

Taking the canal cruise near Anne Frank House: to refresh your mind!

Taking the canal cruise tour near Anne Frank House is very convenient! You can hop on the cruise right away!

Visiting Anne Frank House can be very emotional for some people; it’s best to do something to feel a bit more relaxed or to boost your mood.

The best way to do so is to take a canal cruise from Anne Frank House. You don’t have to walk back to Amsterdam Central Station; it saves you much time!

Know about Jews and their history in Amsterdam

Life of Anne Frank House & WWII – very popular!in multiple languagesCheck Now
Anne Frank and Jewish Quarter Tourin English & SpanishBuy Now
Anne Frank Virtual Reality TourFun and educationalBook Now
Anne Frank Bike TourExplore it on a bikeReserve Now
Walking Tour

You can join some walking tours to visit more sights from the second world war in Amsterdam. The tours are in many different languages.

Walking Tour with a VR Experience

If you like to try something only in Amsterdam, check out the Anne Frank Virtual Reality walking tour. This walking tour combines a tour and a VR experience. You can walk in Amsterdam to see what it was like with your own eyes and learn about the story simultaneously.

Highly recommend it to travelers traveling with kids. It’s a great choice since it has a VR experience, is more fun for kids, and is very educational.

Anne Frank Bike Tour

If you love cycling and want to know more about WWII history and Anne Frank’s life on your bike, this tour is perfect! This tour comes with a guide, too. A unique experience!

Local brunch and restaurant ideas Near Anne Frank House

I was a big fan of Amsterdam canal area and here are my favorite secret spots!

Winkel 43
Drinking coffee and enjoying a dessert at a cafe near Anne Frank House
Winkel 43 is one of my favorite cafes in Amsterdam

They have the best appeltaart (Dutch apple pie) in Amsterdam. They are very popular; it’s always nice to have freshly baked Appeltaart there.

The cafe is next to the market; you can also walk around the open market to experience the local vibe if you have time.


An excellent place to get brunch. There are always many people; it’s best to avoid lunchtime if you want to have food there.

PLUK Reestraat Amsterdam

Instagrammable place to enjoy smoothies while enjoying Amsterdam street views.

Pazzi Jordaan

The restaurant offers delicious pizza with a friendly vibe. Their pizza has a lot of ingredients, and the price is reasonable.

Café Thijssen

A cafe with a great view of the canal area. The best of all is that it’s in a quiet neighborhood.

Bakkerij Wolf

A bakery with a stylish interior design. Of course, it also offers excellent quality food!

Check out some local shops

There are many other small shops with standalone brands in the area. Check them out, and you may find things you like!

Enjoy some ice cream when it’s in summer

Remember to get some ice cream after visiting the museum.

I like IJscuypje en Barts on Prinsengracht 292 (only open in Spring and Summer) or Van der Linde close to Dam Square.

Don’t forget yourself some ice cream after visiting the museum.

IJscuypje en Barts Ice Cream

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