Do you like spicy food? So do I! I’ve tried much spicy food in Amsterdam, and I share them in this post!

FuLu Mandarijn – Spicy Authentic Chinese Food


Less than a 2-minute walk from Dam Square.


One dish for EUR 17

Why I recommend FuLu Mandarijn

FuLu Mandarijn is my favorite restaurant in Amsterdam. It has been in business for more than ten years.

At first, it was only popular among the Chinese, but more and more people later knew about it.

Since most of their customers are Chinese, their food is authentic, unlike any other restaurant in the Netherlands.

Signature dish

They are famous for Sichuan food, a cuisine that uses a lot of chili peppers and Sichuan peppercorns.

Sichuan Peppercorn is the ingredient that makes your lips numb; that’s what I like about it! If you have never tried it, visit when you have a chance!

You should try their Boiled sliced pork belly with garlic sauce, Dry-fried chicken leg fillet with dry red chilli peppers and Stir-fried green beans with red chilli.

Sichuan Restaurant Amsterdam


Three locations are close to Amsterdam City Center


Around EUR 20 per dish

Why I recommend Sichuan Restaurant Amsterdam

Sichuan Restaurant Amsterdam is another good option for Sichuan food in Amsterdam. It is tasty, but it is a bit pricy.

Besides Sichuan food, they also have Tibet Cuisine, which is rare on the market.

The interior design of this restaurant is better than FuLu Mandarijn; if you are looking for a spicy restaurant with good food and a pleasant atmosphere, Sichuan Restaurant Amsterdam is your best shot.

The location with the best atomophere and interior design

The restaurant on Lange Niezel has the best atmosphere of all the locations.

Sapporo Ramen SORA


It is in the De Pijp area, 15 minutes from Amsterdam Centraal Station by metro.


Around EUR 17 per Ramen

Why I recommend Sapporo Ramen SORA

Sapporo Ramen SORA brings authentic Japanese food to Amsterdam.

The owner is a Japanese from Sapporo who aims to bring authentic Japanese Ramen to the Dutch market.

Besides regular ramen, the restaurant offers Spicy vegetable ramen and Spicy Ramen challenge. The ramen is free if you finish the super spicy ramen within a limited time.

If you prefer non-spicy food, their ramen soup is also worth trying. The owner cooks hours before bringing it to the table. In addition, the noodle is directly from Japan.

Miss Korea: all you can eat Korean BBQ


3 minutes walk from Albert Cuyp Market


Around EUR 35 per person (all-you-can-eat BBQ restaurant)

Why I recommend Miss Korea

Korea is famous for its spicy food, especially spicy kimchi.

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish of salted and fermented cabbage and radish, and it usually comes with a spicy flavor.

You will get unlimited kimchi to eat with BBQ meat and vegetables at the restaurant. The combination is excellent!

If you don’t like kimchi, they have other spicy dishes with Squid, pork, and beef.

Miss Korea is a good option for spicy meat lovers.

Bird Snack Bar Amsterdam: Authentic Thai Street Food in Amsterdam


7 minutes walk from Amsterdam Central Station


Around EUR 15 per dish

Why I recommend Bird Snack Bar

If you love Spicy Thai food, visit Bird Snack Bar Amsterdam.

They can customize their dish for you.

Dutch people generally cannot handle spicy food that much, so restaurants here only offer mild spicy food. If you prefer more spicy, just let them know!

Their Thai food is the best in Amsterdam, so there is always a long line during rush hours. If you want to visit, be sure to come earlier to avoid the crowd.

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