Is it possible to smoke on a canal cruise in Amsterdam? Are there any canal tours that allow you to smoke? Yes, we’ve listed down Smoking-permitted canal trips in Amsterdam and shared how to have a happy canal trip in Amsterdam.

Can You Smoke On A Canal Boat In Amsterdam?

For most canal tours, it is not allowed to smoke on board; for some, it’s only allowed if the other guests do not mind.

Smoke Boat Tour NameHighlightLink
Smoke and Lounge City Boat Cruise – Top choice!Super chill vibeBook Now
Smoke-Friendly Cruise with 2 DrinksCan bring your own foodReserve Now
Unlimited Drinks on the boatLuxury boats
Depart from Dam Square
Check Now

The Only Small Boat Tour That Guarantees No Smoking

If you want to join a small boat trip and prefer no smoking on board, this boat tour is your best choice. Smoking is never allowed on their boats!

Where Can I Take The Canal Cruise?

There are a lot of boat tours at Amsterdam Central Station. You will find them once you walk out of the train station. It’s easy to find.

When Is The Best Time To Take The Canal Tour?

The evening is the best time to take the cruise; you may get more space since fewer people are taking the boat. In addition, most tourists leave the city around 7 pm to 8 pm; you have a higher chance of getting a cozy vibe!

Where To Go After Taking The Canal Cruise?

The canal tours start and end somewhere near Amsterdam Central Station; you can

Tips For Taking Smoke Boat Canal Tours In Amsterdam

Bring your ID

No need to explain. You know the reason!

Bring your smoke supplies

Whether you want to smoke cigarettes or cannabis, the tour company does not sell or supply any.

Arrive at the meeting point early

At least 15 minutes before the activity starts. The boat cannot wait for you.

Book your tickets online in advance

Only a few canal tours can smoke freely, so I strongly advise booking online early. You can reserve the tickets first! It’s better to reserve your tickets early than regret it later, right?!

Travel light

So you enjoy the cozy Amsterdam vibe and enjoy your time on the boat!

Best Smoke-Welcoming Canal Tours In Amsterdam

Here are Amsterdam’s most popular and high-rated canal tours that you can smoke on the boat.

Amsterdam: Smoke And Lounge City Boat Cruise

This is the most popular smoke-friendly boat tour. Their tickets are sold out fast!

You should get tickets for this one since they have excellent reviews and their trip is fun and cozy. What to know what “Gezellig ” (In Dutch) means? Take this boat tour, and you will get it!

I’ve been on a smoke boat before, but this one was by far the best value for money, and the vibe was great; I can’t wait to book one again!

Jaye (read more reviews here)

What’s in the tour

  • 1-hour boat ride
  • One free drink from wine, beer, or soft drinks
  • Take the boat near Amsterdam Central Station
  • many guests were impressed by the decorated boats, friendly crew, and knowledgeable captains.
  • Many reviews mentioned that the tours were with very chill vibes.

Amsterdam: The Bulldog Smoke-Friendly Cruise With 2 Drinks

Another popular option in Amsterdam.

It made a luxurious day; the guide and the captain were very friendly and attentive at all times. Totally recommended, and with a glass of wine and a joint of the luxury experience

Alejandro (click here for more review)

Why you should join this tour

  • The ride is about 60 minutes
  • Feel free to bring your food and weed to enjoy onboard
  • Get two free drinks (beer, wine, or soft drinks)
  • Take the boat near Amsterdam Central Station

Amsterdam: Luxury Canal Booze Cruise

If you think unlimited drinking on a canal cruise is more important than smoking, this tour is for you.

What a great way to see the city!! This was such a great value for such an amazing tour. Our tour guide was fantastic— answered all our crazy questions and provided great facts about the city. The unlimited drinks is no joke either! 100% recommend doing this tour!!

Shane (read more reviews here)

The highlight of the tour

  • The tour duration is around 60 minutes
  • Unlimited drinks
  • Luxury boats
  • Take the boat near Dam Square

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