House of Bols tickets is on sale! (40% Off)

If you ask us: The most fun museum in Amsterdam? We would definitely say “Cocktail & Genever Experience “offered by House of Bols! Why? Come read our post!

Why visit the House of Bols?

If you love cocktails, there’s a very high chance that you’ve tried Gin.

Gin, also known as Genever, is the juniper-flavored traditional liquor in the Netherlands, Belgium, and areas in northern France and northwestern Germany. Genever was first for medical use but later for drinking and cocktails.

Cocktail & Genever Experience is offered by House of Bols. We went there in my first year as ex-pats in Amsterdam. Before we went inside, we had no clue what we would see inside. We thought it was just an ordinary museum with a lot of deep knowledge about Genever, but it was the best museum experience in Amsterdam.

It was fun and exciting! Most importantly, every visitor gets a cocktail drink for free! The bartender was a young Dutch guy and very generous by offering 2 extra free shots!

House of Bols is even a better place if you are with a small group of people because it’s more fun! Most importantly, make sure you eat before you visit House of Bols! Otherwise, you will get tipsy very quickly!

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