Mauritshuis (English: Mauritshouse Museum) is one of the most famous museums in the Netherlands. However, the preferred time slot might be sold out on their official website. This post shares how I got my last-minute tickets for Mauritshuis Museum.

How do you get last-minute Mauritshuis tickets if they’re sold out on the official website?

There are two more ways where you can find tickets for Mauritshuis.


I bought my ticket on Tiqets because

  • The price is the same as on the official website.
  • Tiqets is part of the AirBnB investment venture. Quality is guaranteed
  • Free cancellation & can access the museum easily by showing the tickets on Tiqets App
  • Official partner of Mauritshuis
  • Not as popular as the other channels, so there are more available time slots if you are looking for last-minute tickets.

If you are an art lover, you cannot miss Escher in The Palace Museum (Dutch: Escher in het Paleis), a well-know Dutch graphic artist. If you look closer at Escher’s work, you realize that his illustrations are mathematical masterpieces of optical illusion, which is fascinating. I was very impressed by it.

Get Your Guide

You can also buy tickets on Get Your Guide, a popular platform for European entrance tickets and tours. Since it’s popular, the options are limited. For us, I couldn’t find the time slot I liked.

If you prefer buying from Get Your Guide, here is the direct link to Mauritshuis tickets.

Private Tours options

Suppose you cannot get the tickets you want or would like to explore the Mauritshuis Museum with a certified guide. In that case, this guided tour includes an admission ticket with a good review.

Besides, you also get to explore Delft, a city where Vermeer grew up and lived his whole life, and has beautiful canals. Delft is worth a visit.

What are the most famous paintings at Mauritshuis?

In addition to the world-known painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Vermeer, there are also some other masterpieces that you should visit:

  • Carel Fabritius, The Goldfinch, 1654
  • Johannes Vermeer – View of Delft, c. 1660 – 1661
  • Rembrandt van Rijn – The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp, 1632
  • Rembrandt van Rijn – Self-Portrait, 1669
  • Paulus Potter – The Bull, 1647
  • Hendrick Avercamp – Ice Scene, c. 1610
  • Peter Paul Rubens – Old Woman and Boy with Candles, c. 1616 – 1617

Is Girl with a Pearl Earring painting part of the permanent exhibition at Mauritshuis Museum?

Yes, Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring painting is part of the permanent exhibition at the museum.

I had enough time to enjoy this masterpiece when I was there since the museum ensures every visitor has enough personal space.

How to avoid the crowds at Mauritshuis? What is the best time to visit the museum?

The museum is busier on the weekend, and I suggest visiting the museum on Monday since there are fewer visitors.

How to plan your day in The Hague? Where to go after visiting Mauritshuis?

I recommend visiting the museum around 10.00, so you have the whole afternoon to enjoy The Hague. You can go to many places, either explore The Hague city center or visit Scheveningen Beach in summer.

Explore The Hague City Center

Besides some other must-visit attractions in The Hague, I would like to share something different you can do in The Hague.

Walk around the city to enjoy the local vibe

The Hague has many expats worldwide; living in this area is lovely.

Suppose you want to avoid tourists spots but enjoy a local vibe. In that case, I recommend visiting Prinsestraat, there are many excellent restaurants, and it is less touristic.

Enjoy the local vibe and parks

When the weather is nice, but you don’t want to visit the beach, it’s also an excellent idea to picnic at the park: Paleistuin and Haagse Bos.

Visit Scheveningen Beach

It’s also lovely to visit the beach in summer. Many restaurants and bars are beside the beach; you can enjoy the nice weather with good food.

Know more about Vermeer

Suppose you would like to know more about the life of the Dutch painter Vermeer. In that case, you can visit Vermeer Centrum Delft, diving into the life of Johannes Vermeer, understanding why Vermeer is called the master of light, and experiencing his unique painting skills.

Best cafes and restaurants near Mauritshuis

There are many restaurants and bars near Mauritshuis, but I found them pricey in quality. I instead walked a bit further for better food at a more reasonable price.

Here are the places where I loved to visit when I lived in The Hague:


  • Café Bartine: good quality food at an affordable price. Sitting outside to enjoy your food is excellent when it’s nice weather.


There are many options for international cuisine. I love Asian food the most.

  • Little V: is a well-liked Vietnamese Restaurant in the area with fantastic food and a good atmosphere. Besides, their drink is the best! However, it might be a bit pricey for some; if you think food and price are more important than the atmosphere, go to Viet Street. They have great food at a reasonable price.
  • Hot King: This is the best place for spicy Sichuan food. The restaurant also has a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Full Moon City: the most popular Chinese Restaurant in The Hague China Town, they have the best Dim Sum.
  • Seoul Garden: Korean-run restaurant, it’s very popular. You can have an authentic Korean BBQ. It’s worth the price. The best Korean food I’ve had in the Netherlands.

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