Wanna take the canal boat near Anne Frank House? This post compares all the canal tours departing from Anne Frank House to help you have the best canal experience in Amsterdam!

Is it better to take the canal boat near Anne Frank House?


It’s way fewer people if you get on the boat near Anne Frank House. The quality of the tour is better. Moreover, resting on the boat after a long walk in the Anne Frank House or Amsterdam City Center is an excellent idea.

Are Canal Cruises in Amsterdam worth it?


Amsterdam canal cruises are one of the best things you can do! You can enjoy the cozy vibe on the boat and enjoy the world-famous canal views from the boat.

I also took the canal cruise in Belgium, but Amsterdam is much better. The Amsterdam Canal area is well organized. Besides, the atmosphere was great, very cozy.

3 Best Smoke-Friendly Canal Cruise from Amsterdam Central Station

What does “Gezelig” mean in English? How can I experience it?

It’s the most challenging word to explain in English.

Dutch people use “Gezelig” to describe a cozy, warm, pleasant, or enjoyable atmosphere that goes beyond physical surroundings.

“Gezellig” is a feeling or ambiance created by people coming together and enjoying each other’s company in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

In short, if you want to experience “Gezelig,” take the canal cruise, and you will understand it easily.

Walking along the canals or Taking the canal cruise?

I recommend both since you can see the little details while walking along the canals in the city, and you can enjoy the cozy ambiance on the boat.

Taking the boat is much more relaxing than walking along the canals. If you have little time in Amsterdam or want a relaxing trip, join the canal tour.

Things to know before taking the boat

Arrive early

Please arrive at the meeting point at least 15 minutes before departure, so you will get the boat.

Book your tickets in Advance

Most canal cruises depart from Amsterdam Central Station, and only a few embark near Anne Frank House. Therefore, I recommend you reserve the tickets before your Amsterdam trip, so you can pick the best time to enjoy Amsterdam canal views.

Travel Light

You won’t have much space on the boat, so it’s best to travel light for safety.

Best canal cruises near Anne Frank House

Amsterdam Classic Boat Cruise with Drinks and Cheese

This tour passes all the essential and popular spots while enjoying Dutch Cheese and unlimited drinks! This is the most Dutch canal cruise of all!

This was a lovely experience, we were presented with a clean, large, classy boat, the staff was very friendly and attentive, and the cheese and wine pours were great! Nice way to see and hear stories about Amsterdam.

Amoret_Z (read more reviews here)

The highlight of the tour

  • Unique experience on a luxury old wooden style captain boat you cannot find elsewhere
  • Two different types of world-famous Dutch Cheese
  • Unlimited wine, beer, and soft drinks
  • 5-star rating from nearly 24,000 guests
  • The meeting point is with easy access by public transportation
  • Maximum 35 guests on the boat

My Experience

I Joined this tour in late November and were very satisfied with it.

If you love more interaction with the guide, you can pick a spot next to him! I did that and it was so worth it. (Yes, I took this picture!)

The guide was funny and took a local route to beautiful canals and boathouses.

The tour came with a live guide, and he told us Amsterdam’s story in a fun way during this one-hour tour. The time passed really fast because I really enjoyed it.

Pro tip: get on the boat 10 minutes before departure for a good spot!

If you want to have a fun and casual tour, join this one, since it comes with friendly live tour guides.

No-Smoking One-Hour Luxury Electic Canal Cruise

Most popular canal trip from Anne Frank House. This is the best tour if you prefer tours without drinks, food, and no smoking.

The cruise was wonderful. We saw lots of buildings we had not seen before. It was interesting to see how many people lived on the canals in their houseboats. It was really neat to pass under the roadways. The canals were calm and quiet. The crew made sure that we boarded and disembarked safely.

Jane (read more reviews here)

The highlight of the tour

  • Open-air and electric boat when it’s nice weather, no lousy air while enjoying the views
  • Provide blanket and heating when it’s cold
  • Luxury Electric boat with comfy cushions
  • 5-star rating from nearly 800 guests
  • The meeting point is with easy access by public transportation
  • No smoking boat
  • Drinks and food are not included
  • Maximum 30 guests on the boat

Try this tour if you cannot pick a perfect date and time to get on the boat!

Top-Rated Small Boat Canal Cruise

Want to explore the Amsterdam Canal like a local? This tour is your best chance.

The tour comes with an electric boat and up to 25 guests. It has an excellent value for its price.

The highlight of the tour

  • Open-air and electric boat when it’s nice weather, no lousy air while enjoying the views
  • Cozy vibe
  • Multiple tours per day, but sell out fast
  • Up to 25 guests

Amsterdam Small-Group Canal Cruise Plus Snacks and Drinks

Do you prefer a boat tour with fewer people? This tour has a maximum of 12 guests onboard. In addition, they can offer vegetarian and gluten-free food for guests upon request.

If you travel with infants or toddlers, join this tour. The tour has infant seats, perfect for families with small kids.

This tour was definitely a highlight and much more personal and intimate than the other tours. Erik was super entertaining and knowledgeable We did the evening cruise and it was beautiful… definitely recommend over the large boat/cookie cutter tours!

Theresa (read more reviews here)

The highlight of the tour

  • 2-hour trip
  • Includes snacks and Alcoholic Beverages
  • Vegetarian and gluten-friendly
  • The meeting point is with easy access by public transportation
  • Infant seats and strollers are accessible
  • Maximum 12 guests on the boat

Best canal cruises from Rijksmuseum

Besides taking the boat near Anne Frank House, the tour from Rijksmuseum is also an excellent idea, especially after a long day at Rijksmuseum.

Captain Jack Amsterdam

This is the only quality small boat with food and drinks company that departs from Rijksmuseum.

The most memorable parts of the tour: Our tour guide made the tour. He was most knowledgable and could answer any question asked. He was entertaining and made the canal tour fun for all ages. We had 2 teens with us and they too had a blast. Great tour. So sorry forgot the guide’s name but he had a white beard and 60ish.

from Jane (read more reviews)

This tour is your best shot if you want to take a non-smoking small boat trip in Amsterdam. The captain ensures no one smokes during the journey, while others may only prohibit guests from smoking if the guests are not against it.

The highlight of the tour

  • 1-hour trip
  • Includes snacks and Heineken beer and wine
  • less than a 2-minute walk from Rijksmuseum
  • Maximum of 20 guests

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