The tulip garden, Keukenhof, attracts millions of international tourists annually, but what can you do after visiting Keukenhof?

Things You Can Do Near Keukenhof For Your Day Trip To Tulip Garden From Amsterdam

Visiting The Tulip Fields Around The Tulip Garden

Talking about the tulip season in the Netherlands, it is difficult not to mention the tulip fields.

It is a pity that if you only visit the garden, the nearby tulip fields are worth visiting, too!

To some people, including me, the tulip fields are more fun than visiting the park!

There are many tulip fields near Keukenhof, and you need some help!

These trips are very popular, be sure to pre-book for your Amsterdam trip.

What’s IncludedLink
Cycling In The Iconic Tulip Fields Near Tulip Garden KeukenhofBook Now
Electric Vehicle Self-Guided Tour With GPS To See The Tulip FieldsBook Now
Helicopter Ride To See The Tulips AreaBook Now
Landover Tulip TourBook Now

Get on a bike to see the tulip fields

Renting a bike to see the tulips is a great idea, but the problem is that you don’t know where the blooming tulips are.

My partner and I were on the bike looking for the tulip fields ourselves, and unfortunately, it was more complicated than we thought.

If I could choose again, I would join a bike sightseeing tour to see the tulips in bloom at the field.

If you want to see the tulips on a bike without stress, join this tour. It is only a 15-minute walk from Keukenhof.

Drive It Yourself Around Bulb Fields In Lisse

If you prefer to enjoy the tulip field at your own pace and go on a small adventure, rent a mini electric car!

There’s no guide or other participants, just you and your travel partner. You get to get some privacy!

The car has a GPS, showing you where to go for the blooming tulip fields. It is also possible to enjoy the beach with your electric vehicle.

Get on a helicopter ride to enjoy the tulips

To get the top-notch Dutch tulip experience, ride a helicopter for a magnificent view over tulip fields. You can easily do that in the Netherlands at a great price.

Exploring Tulip Farm

Apart from tulip fields, you can also experience the local tulip farms to learn how the tulip industry works in the Netherlands and why it is famous worldwide.

De Tulperij has many tulip-related activities, like picking your own tulips from their garden, buying dahlia tuber from the local farms, professional tulip photo sessions, tulip art workshops, and cycling tours.

If you want to see more than beautiful tulips, De Tulperij is worth visiting. You can rent an electric car to see the tulip fields and visit the tulip far, De Tulperij.

Relax At Castle Keukenhof

Did you know that there’s a Castle Keukenhof (Dutch: Kasteel Keukenhof) near the tulip garden Keukenhof? Did you know that Keukenhof is actually part of Castle Keukenhof?

To experience a Dutch castle or see more nature, visit Castle Keukenhof. It’s very kid and animal-friendly. Visit Restaurant de Hofboerderij for good food to end your day in Lisse.

Enjoy the sun at the beach

If you visit Keukenhof in nice weather, consider heading to the Dutch coast.

Within 15 minutes, you can reach Noordwijk, a place famous for the beach, easily by car.

Visiting Tulum and Winter Lodge Noordwijk for a good atmosphere and great food is highly recommended.

Don’t have a car? No worries, rent an electric vehicle here easily!

Checking out LAM Museum

Want to have an extraordinary museum experience with food? Want to see how creative and innovative a museum can be? Visit LAM, a food museum that opens your eyes to food and museums. Here, a museum experience is not dull but fun and out of the ordinary!

LAM Museum is located near Castle Keukenhof and a perfect place to spend (half) a day here!

The museum welcomes visitors from all ages; even babies can enter! It is one of the most fun museums for kids!

Check the website and decide if it is for you 😉

Have A Drink Or Dine In Leiden

The tulip area is close to Leiden, so why not visit afterward to end your day?

There’s an open market at the city center in Ledien every Saturday. In addition, you can also have some drinks at the local bars, like WAAG Bar Lokaal, or even have dinner at Loetje Leiden.

Leiden is a lovely city, unlike big cities like Amsterdam, where there are a lot of tourists; in Leiden, you get to experience the local vibe much more, which is why I love Leiden so much.

Paying A Visit To Nearby Dutch Cities

If you plan to visit other Dutch cities, like The Hague, Delft or Rotterdam, now is your chance.

Within 15 minutes, you can reach The Hague to see famous attractions, like Mauritshuis, Madurodam, etc. However, don’t make it a long day.

If you want a more relaxing half-day trip, visit Delft, a city where the renowned painter Vermeer is from and also a canal city. I recommend having dinner at one of the best restaurants in Delft to end your day!

Where To Go After Visiting Keukenhof

Do you want to plan a perfect day out? Hope you find this post helpful.

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