Are you looking for the best cafes and restaurants in Delft? Here are my favorite restaurants and cafes for brunch, dinner, coffee, and beer in Delft.

I love Delft, and that’s one of the reasons why my partner and I moved away from Amsterdam. After three years of living and visiting restaurants in Delft, here is my secret list for great food! You can visit them after visiting Vermeer Centrum Delft.

This is not a sponsored post; I share it because having good food while traveling and avoiding touristy restaurants is crucial. I have tried all the them and hope you find this post helpful.

Lunch & Cafe


Delft is famous for its canals and churches.

If you want to get outdoor seating while enjoying the great atmosphere in Delft, visit Stads-Koffyhuis!

Stads-Koffyhuis is on Oud Delft Street. Get on the boat for some coffee to get an amazing view of De Oude Kerk (Old Church).

When I visited Delft for the first time, I had my coffee and cakes with some friends at this place on a sunny day. The cafe is not in the heart of the city center, so it’s quiet. It is still one of the best experiences I have in the Netherlands.

Galerie ‘Uit De Kunst’

Galerie ‘Uit De Kunst’ is an unique place in Delft, but only a few people know.

The cafe is next to the canal and in the quiet Oude Delft Area, so you can enjoy peace and quiet, especially on the weekend.

I love enjoying my cakes and drinks outdoors next to the canal. Perfect for people who want to avoid busy places in Delft.

LOT Coffee Boutique

New coffee spot in Delft. I first visited this place in 2021; at the time, I had to wait outside since only two guests were allowed to stay in line inside the cafe due to the local COVID regulation.

It offers many choices for coffee and some cakes.

I like this place because it has excellent coffee. LOT Coffee Boutique serves the coffee on a nice wooden plate and provides a glass of water!

Kobus Kuch

Kobus Kuch is known for its Appeltaart (Dutch Apple Cake). It has the best appletaart in Delft and The Hague Area.

Drinking coffee and enjoying a dessert at a cafe near Anne Frank House

If you miss the chance to visit Winkel 43 in Amsterdam, try it here, you won’t regret it!

The apple cakes are freshly made in the kitchen and have a great amount of apple fillings! Most Dutch people enjoy the appletaart with the cream on the top of the cake. You can do the same!


Were you looking for vegan-friendly places for lunch in Delft? Visit Kek!

It is acknowledged for its vegan food and is always packed up during lunchtime on the weekend. Besides brunch and sandwiches, it also has smoothies and great coffee. Kek has the best brunch and lunch in Delft for vegans!

Be sure to visit there early. Otherwise, you need to wait in line!


Some restaurants offer lunch and dinner, but some are only open for dinner service. Please check the opening hours before you visit them.

In addition, if you plan to visit them on the weekend, make a reservation in advance.

One time, Niels and I wanted to have dinner after watching the movie; it took us around 30 minutes to find a good restaurant. Of course, the restaurants on my bucket lists were full, so I had to compromise to get a table.

Eetcafe de Verbeelding

Have you ever imagined yourself dining on a beautiful canal? Well, it’s possible in Delft!

Unlike dining on a canal boat tour in Amsterdam, this restaurant has a terrace boat on the canal, where you can enjoy good food with the beautiful Delft Street and the canal views.

Eetcafe de Verbleeding is not far from the city center, so that you can experience the local vibe, and it is very affordable and perfect for couples to enjoy it on a chill day.

De Kurk

My partner found this excellent quality food restaurant hidden in the narrow street in Delft in 2020 summer.

My partner and I have visited it very often since then!

The restaurant has a casual interior and is recognized for fantastic food for the price you pay!

My partner and I go to this place if we want quality food on a regular weekend!

De Kurk has been in the business for a decade, but only the locals know; not a touristy restaurant for sure!

Restaurant La Tasca

My favorite set-menu restaurant in Deflt!

Restaurant La Tasca serves excellent contemporary Mediterranean food.

My partner and I go there when we want to have great food or for special occasions.

We love it because the dishes taste as good as it looks, and the service is excellent!

We’ve been there four times, but it never lets us down!

Want excellent quality food with great service and a casual dinner experience? Visit this place!

De Centrale

Another quality restaurant in Delft city center.

The restaurant was renovated from a historical meatpacking hall into a quality restaurant.

Unlike Restaurant La Tasca, which has a set menu, De Centrale only has a surprise menu. The food is not only tasty but also caught my eyes.

If you want to experience the best quality of fine European food in a historical building, De Centrale is the place!


I love Japanese food and mind if it is from a Japanese chef. This restaurant is famous in Delft, and a reservation is not possible.

Ramen Nikkou is authentic Japanese Ramen from Kyoto (京都), operated by Japenese Chef. It has an original ramen restaurant setting and makes you feel like you are in Japan: an open kitchen that allows the customers to watch the chefs skillfully prepare the meals while savoring the ramen.

The owner is Japanese and runs two ramen restaurants in Delft: Ramen NIKKOU and Tonkotsu Ramen NIKKOU. The Ramen NIKKOU team joined the 2023 New York Ramen Contest and won second place!


Rammen NIKKOU is the first restaurant where the owner started his business in Delft.

The restaurant is small; there are around 15 bar stools and two small tables. If you travel with kids and want to enjoy ramen as a family at a dining table, it’s best to go there around 17.00.

My recommendation

I recommend Toripaitan Shio (鶏白湯レな; Chicken rich soup ramen).

Gyoza tasted better elsewhere in The Netherlands, not the best I’ve tried.

Tonkotsu Ramen NIKKOU

The owner opened the second ramen restaurant in 2021, but this restaurant only offers Tonkotsu Ramen (豚骨ラーメン; Pork one broth rich soup ramen).

The soup is rich, creamy, and authentic, so it might be too salty for some if you’ve never tried the real Japanese Ramen.

If it is your first time trying ramen, visit Ramen NIKKOU for Toripaitan Shio (鶏白湯レな; Chicken rich soup ramen) since it is lighter.

Just like Ramen NIKKOU restaurant, the restaurant has a typical ramen setting. Be sure to visit when the restaurant opens or after 19.30 if you don’t want to wait in line.


If you love wine and want affordable Mediterranean-inspired dishes, visit Lakila!

It’s a tapas-style restaurant where you get smaller dishes and share them with others. The restaurant is not in the heart of the city center, so you can enjoy the cozy vibe.

I love going there and sitting outside, enjoying the nice weather with my food and drinks!


Loetje is a Dutch steakhouse from Amsterdam, expanding quickly in The Netherlands.

This post shares what to order at Leotje and why it’s worth visiting.

Ouzeri Restaurant De kleine Griek

Are you a meat lover but want to try something other than steak?

Ouzeri Restaurant De kleine Griek has authentic Greek food, a friendly atmosphere, and decoration. It also has a terrace boat on the canal.

It offers a wide range of meat choices, from grilled lamb chop to sausages; you will find the ones you like.


Here are some perfect places for drinks after a long day in Delft.

You can also dine at these places, but having drinks is better!

Delfts Brouwhuis

Are you a beer lover? Want to try local Dutch beer?

What my partner and I ordered! We both loved our beer!

Delfts Brouwhuis is a lovely local brewery with a good selection of local beer.

Interested in the brewing process, tasting different types of beer, and engaging with the beer expert? Join the brewery tour to get an unforgettable experience!

Super cozy vibe when drinking the beer in the beer garden!

There’s also a beer garden where you can enjoy the beer with other guests; it is one of the things I love to do when it is nice weather!

‘t Postkantoor

The restaurant’s name means “The Post Office” in English. Why? Because it used to be a post office!

The new owner transformed the post office into a popular local restaurant!

It’s a restaurant, but I prefer having a drink since I find the dinner menus a bit pricy.

‘t Postkantoor‘s music and interior style give the guest a relaxing ambiance. In addition, it has a garden, where I love meeting friends and enjoying beer on a sunny day!

Café de Wijnhaven

Café de Wijnhaven also offers a food menu, but I always have drinks here.

The cafe’s name is “Wine Heaven,” so you know why I love drinking here ; )

It’s more like a bar since it offers a wide range of beer. The food could be more unique.

I visit this place often when it’s cold since it has a unique old bar atmosphere.

Bierfabriek Delft

A great place for craft beer lovers! You can serve yourself your beer.

Bierfabriek brews its beer and has a cozy and fun vibe. It’s also a place where you can also bring kids with you.

Want some food? Try farmer’s grilled chicken; it’s the most popular dish!

Many locals visit this place after a long week at work for its warm and inviting ambiance.

Best Places To Eat In Delft Conclusion

Here is my list of the best restaurants and cafes in Delft; I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Thank you for your suggestions! I’m going to Delft with my mom and a friend and wanted to surprise them with a good place; your input has been valuable and helped a lot!
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