11 Best Tulip Tours From Amsterdam To See Tulip Fields in 2024

Tulip fields we saw on our bikes

There are many ways to get the ultimate experience Amsterdam, so we sum up all the best tulip trip from Amsterdam!

Best Tulip Tours In Amsterdam

The best place to visit famous tulips is not in Amsterdam but in Lisse.

It is not easy to get there if you take public transportation, but don’t worry, the tulip garden Keukenhof has worked with some travel companies offering tours to catch the beautiful flowers!

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Entrance Ticket And Transportation Included Package – You Decide The Time Get Back To Amsterdam

Want to travel and view the amazing tulips at your own pace? Book the ticket for Tulip Garden Keukenhof entrance ticket with Keukenhof Express Bus combination tickets. The bus departs from multiple places in Amsterdam.

Departs FromWhat’s IncludedLink
Near AMS Central StationShuttle Bus OnlyBook Now
Near AMS Central StationEntrance + Shuttle BusBook Now
Near AMS Central StationEntrance + Shuttle Bus + Windmill CruiseBook Now
Near AMS Central StationDay Tour Keukenhof & Zaanse SchansBook Now
Near AMS Central StationDay Trip Keukenhof & Tulip FarmBook Now

The Pros And Cons Of Visiting Keukenhof With Combination Tickets

The advantage is that you travel at your own pace and spend the whole day exploring the garden. But the disadvantage is that you cannot visit other places, like the famous tulip fields. If you plan to enjoy the tulip fields after visiting Keukenhof, you can join the tours below!

The meeting point is close to the Keukenhof entrance!

Why Is It Better To Join A Tour To Take A Look At The World-Famous Tulip Fields

We tried to look for tulip fields on our bikes but found it challenging.

By joining a tour, the guide will show you the areas welcoming tourists and the many tulips blooming. It is time-efficient, and the guide can also take a photo for you!

Not all fields love tourists, so it is vital to have a guide showing you where to go! Besides, you can travel stress-free; the guide will handle everything!

Best Tulip Field Tours After Visiting Keukenhof Garden

Here are the best ways to experience the beautiful tulips in Lisse; they are designed for Keukenhof visitors. You can easily reach the meet-up place within a 15-minute walk from Keukenhof. It is very convenient!

What’s IncludedLink
Cycling In The Iconic Tulip Fields Near Tulip Garden KeukenhofBook Now
Electric Vehicle Self-Guided Tour With GPS To See The Tulip FieldsBook Now
Helicopter Ride To See The Tulips AreaBook Now
Landover Tulip TourBook Now

Cycling In The Iconic Tulip Fields Near Tulip Garden Keukenhof

Have you ever imagined taking pictures of yourself in the tulip field?

One of the best ways to do so is by joining a tulip bike tour, where a local travel guide shows you the best places to appreciate the tulips and take Instagram-worthy pictures or videos!

If you want to challenge yourself even more, join this small but affordable guided tour, where the guide takes you on a train and bike tour from Amsterdam to Keukenhof.

Electric Vehicle Self-Guided Tour With GPS To See The Tulip Fields And The Beach

If you want more flexibility on your tulip trip, rent an electric car!

The car has a GPS guide, so you can explore the tulip fields and won’t get lost!

Perfect for travel solo, couple travel, or if you travel with your kid! As long as you have held a driver’s license for at least 3 years!

Helicopter Ride To See The Tulips Area

Want to have the tulip experience that you will never forget? Join this exclusive helicopter ride to see the Dutch tulips.

You will see the colorful tulip fields and much more than that!

This tour takes you into the sky to see the colorful flower fields, Dutch homes, towns, farms, windmills, and coastlines, and enjoy the unique sand dunes from above!

Discover the tulips and the Dutch sceneries with a helicopter flying experience!

Landover Tulip Tour

If you want a more comfortable ride without a thrilling helicopter ride or cycling yourself, join the Landover Tulip tour!

In this 2.5-hour small guided tour, the expert guide takes you to the tulip fields on a jeep; you don’t need to do anything. The guide shows you to the fields, castle, and the De Tulperij tulip farm.

You will see more than just the flowers, but take a deep dive into the tulip industry at the tulip farm, De Tulperij.

Top-Rated Tulip and Windmill Day Tour From Amsterdam

Not enough time to explore the Netherlands? Join a day tour that includes tulips, windmills, and more!

What’s IncludedLink
Keukenhof, Zaanse Schans, Cheese Factory & WindmillsBook Now
Keukenhof, Zaanse Schans & VolendamBook Now
Keukenhof, Tulip Farm & Windmill CruiseBook Now
Keukenhof, Tulip Fields & DelftBook Now
Keukenhof & GiethoornBook Now

Day Trip From Amsterdam To The Tulip Garden, Keukenhof, Zaanse Schans, Cheese Factory, And Windmills

Want a quality day trip to famous Keukenhof, visit the historical windmills, see the famous views, and join the clogs wooden shoe workshop in Zaanse Schans in a small group?

This affordable small guided tour has a maximum of 16 guests. It comprises a windmill, a cheese factory, Clogs Wooden Shoe, and a tulip garden Keukenhof.

The meet-up point is a 5-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station. First, you visit Zaanse Schans, where the guide explains the area’s history, and you have time to take photos with the nice view and join the Clogs Wooden Shoe workshop.

The next stop is to visit the cheese factory, so you know the history of Gouda cheese and try the different kinds of local cheeses, then head to the windmills. Afterward, you visit Keukenhof to end your day.

You can see beautiful cities and famous attractions at an affordable price in one day!

Day Trip Excursion To Keukenhof, Zaanse Schans And Volendam

Volendam In Summer

If you want a smaller guided tour, this tour is for you.

This guided private tour only consists of 8 guests at maximum. You will get the attention and support you need from the tour guide.

The tour starts from This is Holland, where you can take the 3-minute free ferry from Amsterdam Central Station. First, you visit and take nice pictures at Keukenhof, then head to Zaanse Schans, where you can see eight historic windmills, taste the locally-made cheese, and try on some classic wooden clogs!

The last stop is at Volendam, the old local fishing village village. You can try local food, like Smoked Eel, Stroll through the Historic Village, and experience the fish village vibe.

This tour is perfect if you want to visit different cities in one day!

Day Trip From Amsterdam To See Tulips At Keukenhof, Tulip Farm visit, And Windmill Cruise

Tulip field picture when cycling in Lisse

Want a day tour that spends more time with the tulips? Get an insider look at the tulip business life? Pick this tour!

The meeting place is near This Is Holland, 3 minutes away by free ferry from Amsterdam Central Station. Your day trip starts at the tulip farm, De Tulperij, where you can understand the tulip industry and the tulip stories in the Netherlands.

At De Tulperij, you will take many pictures at the bulb fields. Besides, the third-generation tulip farmers, Mr. Daan and Mrs. Anja, guide you through the tulip areas to learn everything about how these flowers are grown and the behind-the-scenes of the tulip industry.

Next, you will be guided to the Keukenhof and take a relaxing boat tour to see spectacular views of the passing scenery, including beautiful bulb fields, traditional windmills, and authentic Dutch villages.

This is the best tour to get all the ins and outs of the tulip season!

One-Day Excursion To Keukenhof, Tulip Fields, And Delft from Amsterdam

Amazing canal view from Stads Koffyhuis in Delft

If you’ve been to Zaanse Schans and Volendam or would like to explore cities like Delft, hop on this tour.

Delft is another must-visit city known for iconic Delftware, and it is also where the famous artist Vermeer is from!

The private tulip tour departs at NH Hotel Amsterdam Barbizon Palace, less than a 5-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station to the garden, Keukenhof.

After visiting Keukenhof, you have 30 minutes to take pictures in the fields with the tulips. Afterward, it is time for Delft.

In Delft, you visit Delft Blue Pottery Factory for the workshop to learn about Dutch handcraft tradition. Also, you will have a chance to explore the city with a guided walking tour.

Delft is our favorite city besides Amsterdam. Delft is also a canal city but much more relaxing, so you can enjoy the local vibe here.

Keukenhof Tulips Garden & Giethoorn Day Tour From Amsterdam

If you want a day trip to experience the authentic Dutch village after Keukenhof, sign up for this tour!

The tour begins at IBIS Amsterdam Centre, less than a 5-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station.

Besides Keukenhof, the tour takes you to the renowned Dutch village, Giethoorn, known as the “Venice of North.” Public transportation takes around 2 hours from Amsterdam to Giethoorn, so it is very time-efficient to join a tour.

You have two hours to explore Giethoorn, including a 1-hour guided boat tour. The boat tour was the best experience in Giethoorn; you can imagine yourself living there while taking the boat trip.

You can consider this tour if you prefer a Sightseeing tour for Giethoorn only.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

When Is The Tulip Festival In Amsterdam?

The tulip season starts from mid-March to Early May.

The world-famous tulip garden, Keukenhof, is not in Amsterdam but in Lisse and is open to the public from 21 March to 12 May 2024. We will share more about what you can do and how to get the best deals later in this post.

Is Keukenhof Worth Visiting?

Yes, definitely.

You can see all kinds of tulips inside the tulip garden, the advanced gardening styles and other traditional performances. What we love about Keukenhof the most is that you can take many pictures in the garden.

If you have time, you can join some tulip field tours after visiting Keukenhof. Hence, you get the ultimate tulip experience in the Netherlands.

When Is The Best Time To Visit The Keukenhof Tulip Garden?

The tulip season is usually from mid-March to early May, depending on the weather.

You can always see lovely and blossom tulips inside the tulip garden, Keukenhof; for the tulip field near the tulip garden, the best time to visit the tulip field is in mid-April.

How Much Time Is Enough For Keukenhof?

You can decide how many hours you want to stay at Keukenhof, but for most people, you can see the best part of the garden within two hours; if you plan to see all the flowers in the park and enjoy your time there, it can take four hours.

We went there with some friends, it took us around three hours since we took our time and also had lunch there. Read more for more Keukenhof Garden Tips.

Do You Need To Book Tulip Garden Keukenhof Tickets In Advance?

The tulip season attracts millions of tourists worldwide each year, so if you want to register your tickets early. If you are more interested in the tulip tours, reserving the spots beforehand is also recommended.

How Do I Get The Ultimate Tulip Experience For My Trip In Amsterdam?


There are millions of visitors each year to see the renowned Dutch tulips. If your trip to Amsterdam is planned, book the tickets now so you won’t miss any fun tours and get your perfect tulip day!

If you read this post and would like to book your tickets to the Keukenhof tulip garden, you can book here to get the early bird discount!

Can I Bring The Tulip Bulbs Back To the US, UK, Or My Home Country?

Buying tulip bulbs at the airport is recommended since these bulbs usually have a certificate of inspection for the US/UK on the box. Please make sure you see the certification before paying.

Is It Needed To Stay Close To Keukenhof?

No. Keukenhof is in Lisse, but there’s no need to live close to it since it is very accessible by public transportation.

Suppose you want affordable accommodation with excellent access to public transportation. In that case, we recommend hotels in Amsterdam, like Hotel2stay, Meininger Hotel Sloterdijk, and Inntel Hotel.

Tulip Sightseeing Tours Near Amsterdam Conclusion

We love providing extensive information for our readers. We hope you find this post helpful, and let us know if you have any questions!