Is there any chance to buy Rijksmuseum last-minute tickets? Here are my exclusive tips!

Where can you buy Rijksmuseum last-minute tickets?

If you are reading this post, most likely, you cannot buy Rijksmuseum tickets on Rijksmuseum’s official websites anymore. The excellent news is Rijksmuseum releases tickets to their official partners every year:

They are the largest and oldest travel agency in Amsterdam.

As the official partner of Rijksmuseum, they offer many different kinds of tickets, like single-entry tickets or combination tickets (great deals).

Tiqets is a Dutch online travel company, also part of the Airbnb investment venture. You can trust this channel to buy tickets while traveling in Amsterdam.

You can even buy the tickets on the day or for the next day on your phone; good user interface and a trustworthy payment system. You can enter the museum with your phone.

Still looking for tickets?

If you still cannot find tickets from the above partners, you can join this semi-guided tour (including the admission tickets!); most of the time, there are still some spots! They’ve received good ratings!

Frequently asked questions about Rijksmuseum

Have questions? We’ve got answers!

Can you buy Rijksmuseum tickets at the door?

ickets are only available online; please only go to Rijksmuseum with a reservation.

Rijksmuseum is a popular attraction, and you must reserve a time slot while booking the tickets.

Any suggestion of where to go next?

Visit other museums on the same day

Rijksmuseum is at the Museumplein, where you can find other museums, like the Van Gogh Museum, Moco Museum, and House of Bols. They are close to each other; visiting them on the same day is time-efficient.

I highly recommend Moco Museum, where you can enjoy art pieces from world-famous artists like Banksy, Yayoi Kusama, etc. It’s worth a visit.

Take a canal cruise tour from Rijksmuseum

You might feel tired after visiting the museums; it’s the best time to take a canal cruise and relax on the boat.

I highly recommend taking the canal cruise from Rijksmuseum since it’s less crowded (most people get on at the central station). I had a great time and much better quality!

The best way to enjoy Amsterdam canals is by taking the local small boats, where it’s more relaxing, and this is how Dutch people want it!

Below canal cruise tours depart from Rijksmuseum, and with good reviews, you should check them out:

All-Inclusive Amsterdam Canal Cruise by Captain Jack:

  • 5-star reviews from past guests
  • 90 minutes boat trip
  • includes alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks and snacks
  • the cozy vibe and with a maximum of 20 guests
  • can take the boat tour during the day or at night
  • completely open boat, perfect for Spring and Summer

Flagship Amsterdam Open Boat Canal Cruise – Local live guide with the bar on board

  • 5-star reviews from more than 16,000 guests
  • 60 minutes boat trip
  • electric boat, no smelly air pollution while taking the boat
  • completely open boat, perfect for Spring and Summer; it has a roof for winter
  • affordable price

If you prefer a private boat tour in Amsterdam, here is also an affordable option. It gives a lot more privacy on the boat!

Any good restaurants near Rijksmuseum?

It’s a good question, but you might need to walk a bit more to have good food 😉

Grab food from a local supermarket

small picnic place near Van Gogh Museum

If it’s a sunny day, you can get some food from the supermarket nearby and find a good spot to enjoy it! There’s a grass area where you can have a picnic, or you can find a cozy cafes in Amsterdam!

Brunch, cafe and restaurants

  • Coffee District Willemsparkweg: they have daily excellent coffee and freshly baked bread.
  • Bakers & Roasters: a popular brunch place with good coffee.
  • Factory Girl: is also a brunch place. They offer natural and healthy food.
  • The Seafood Bar: if you love seafood, this is a great place! Their seafood is very fresh and comes at a reasonable price. They have multiple restaurants across Amsterdam, so visit the on on Van Baerlestraat.

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