Looking for tulip field ideas near Amsterdam? Here are the unique ways to see the tulips fields near Lisse, whether you want to join a tour or visit the tulip fields yourself.

My Bike Experience To See The Lisse Tulip Fields Without a Tour Guide

My partner and I tried to find tulip fields on our bikes five years ago. We thought it was easy, but it was not!

If we could do it again, we would join a tulip field bike tour, so there is no need to look for the flower fields yourself, and it is much more time-efficient!

Read the difference between the tulip garden and the tulip field.

Unusual Ways To Explore The Tulip Fields Around Keukenhof

Explore The Tulip Fields Bike Tour Near Keukenhof

Want a casual afternoon bike tour through the tulip fields near Keukenhof Garden? This tour is best for you!

Most tourists have two problems when visiting tulip fields near Amsterdam: find beautiful tulip fields to take nice pictures with and have someone to take photos for you.

Here is the solution: join the bike tour to get nice pictures!

The tour includes a bike rental and a helmet (safety first!). You can see the famous tulip fields around Keukenhof. The meeting point is close to the tulip garden, so you can join this tour after visiting the tulip garden!

This trip is not just about the tulips; you also visit the famous Keukenhof windmill, a 14th-century castle, and understand the tulip history in Lisse.

The meeting point of the tour is only 15-minute walk from Keukenhof.

Drive It Yourself Around Bulb Fields In Lisse

If bike riding is boring or you don’t love cycling, try “driving an electric car” in the Lisse tulip field.

Great time! Easy to follow the route and lots of great spots to stop and see the fields. There are two flower farms on the route that are also nice to stop at to see tons of different tulip varieties

Christine, United States (read more reviews)

This self-guided tour allows you to see the enchanting tulip fields at their finest at your speed. You can take as many pictures as you want and stop anywhere whenever you want.

Are you worried that you will get lost? No worries; you won’t get lost with the GPS guide! Also, the GPS guide shows you where the tulips are!

Enjoy Tulip From The Helicopter

Want more than just tulips? Have you ever imagined yourself in a helicopter enjoying the beautiful landscape of flowering bulb fields and the Netherlands? You should join this tour to get a unique experience!

Fantastic and warm welcome by a super friendly team. Professional guidance from start to end. The flight was really smooth and sooooo Nice. It was a one of a kind experience. One activity we can get of our bucket list now!

Thomas, Belgium (Check the review)

This tour gives you an exciting experience to see the fields from above and more: Dutch homes, towns, farms, windmills, tulip fields, and coastline from the helicopter. Also, the unique Dutch dunes protect the Netherlands from flooding!

Taking a helicopter ride to see the tulips is an experience you get nowhere else! If you want to leave a lifetime experience while traveling in the Netherlands, reserve the ticket now!

Tour to Keukenhof, Tulip Farm visit And Windmill Cruise

If you are looking for a day tour that includes Keukenhof, tulip fields, and windmills, this tour is for you.

The guide picks you up from Amsterdam; all you need to do is get on the bus and bring some food, nothing else. This is the best part of joining a tour.

The tour departs from Amsterdam Central Station, and while most people visit the garden first, this trip heads to the tulip fields and farm first so you can enjoy the tulips at a quieter pace. The final stop is the tulip garden, Keukenhof, and the famous windmill cruise.

Although it is convenient to visit Keukenhof by yourself, it is less stress-free if you join a tour.

Questions About Visiting The Tulip Fields Near Keukenhof

Is It Easy To Find The Tulip Fields?

It was challenging for us, and we don’t recommend it, especially if your time is precious or you are not used to cycling for long distances.

We pictured ourselves having a perfect day with the tulips at the field before the trip, but it didn’t end up as planned.

My partner and I were looking for tulip fields on our bikes, but we still found it difficult, although we checked where the tulip areas were before the trip. Finally, we found some fields with tulips in bloom, but they were closed to the tourists.

If we could do it again, we would join the bike tour to see the tulips; it’s much easier and more time-efficient.

Are The Tulip Fields Open To The Public?

It depends!

Tulip fields are private, but some farmers welcome tourists while some don’t.

You need to check the sign before entering. If it is not allowed, do not enter.

What Do I Need To Know Before Joining A Lisse Tulip Field Tour?

Make sure you have a bottle of water with you; you need it. Also, wear a pair of comfortable shoes.

If you want to take nice pictures, dress nicely, especially for Instagram pictures. However, your outfit should also be suitable for cycling if you join a bike tour.

Last, please get to the meeting point on time.

Best Tulip Fields Idea From Amsterdam Conclusion

If you want the best tulip experience in the Netherlands, joining these tours is worth it. It is an experience you will never forget in your life.

We love tulips and want to share all the information with you.

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