Planning your trip for tulips? What is the difference between Tulip fields and tulip garden, Keukenhof? Can you see tulip fields at the tulip garden, Keukenhof? Here are the most commonly asked questions for visitors traveling to Amsterdam for the first time. Let us explain!

First, tulip fields or tulip gardens, Keukenhof, are very different and both beautiful.

What Can You See At Tulip Fields? What Is It Exactly?

Tulip fields view from a bike tour

Tulip fields are private properties. You are not allowed to go in. This is where the tulip farmers grow their bulbs to sell after harvest. They are known for their stunning and colorful displays during the tulip season.

Tulip fields are not for display or sightseeing; they are primarily agricultural and grown commercially.

How Can I See The Tulip Landscape Near The Tulip Garden?

Some tulip fields are near Keukenhof; most people usually go by bike, but you can rent an electric car or get a helicopter ride to make your day more relaxing and enjoyable!

Can I Find The Tulip Fields Myself?

Yes, but I don’t recommend it.

My partner and I cycled from Leiden to Lisse.

It already took us some energy, and we followed the tulip field map we found online.

However, we still found it challenging to see tulips in bloom. Furthermore, some fields were closed to tourists.

If you want a perfect day out, join one of the affordable tulip bike tours. I am sure it is worth your money. We spent money on renting our bikes without a guide but didn’t get a great experience.

Can I Enter The Fields?

It depends!

Some farmers care, so there’s a do not enter sign: please do not enter. Some farmers do not care about tourists entering the fields, so you can get in, but be sure not to damage the flowers.

Here is another reason you should join a tour: the tour guide will show you the fields that welcome guests, so you don’t waste your time like I did.

The Best Way To See The Tulip Garden And The Tulip Fields

I recommend buying the Tulip Festival Card, which includes the Keukenhof admission tickets, Amsterdam & Region Travel Card (ARTT), Amsterdam city digital guide, and Tulip Digital Guide.

On the Keukenhof official site, you can only buy the combo tickets departing from Amsterdam RAI, Schiphol, and Haarlem.

However, most people still need to commute to these places and it costs money!

Transportation costs are relatively high in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam & Region Travel Card (ARTT) includes the train, tram, and bus between Amsterdam, Haarlem, Zaandam, and Schiphol.

Suppose you would like to visit different attractions in one day or are short on time. In that case, you can even visit Zaanse Schans after Keukenhof.

In addition, I bet you stay more than one day in Amsterdam, so you can have a two-day or even three-day Amsterdam & Region Travel Card (ARTT).

What Can You See At The Tulip Garden, Keukenhof?

When discussing tulip gardens, people refer to the “Keukenhof” tulip garden in the Netherlands.

Keukenhof is a spring show garden. The park is only open for a certain period of the year.

In 2024, the park is open from 21 March to 15 May.

Keukenhof is a private park where you need to pay the entrance fee.

The park is famous for its breathtaking display of tulips and top-notch gardening design.

In addition, you can enjoy cultural events and activities and take a lake cruise inside the park.

I believe tours departing from Amsterdam Central Station will save you more time and money; please check them out below:

What’s IncludedLink
Entrance + Shuttle BusBook Now
Entrance + Shuttle Bus + Windmill CruiseBook Now
Day Tour Keukenhof & Zaanse SchansBook Now
Day Trip Keukenhof & Tulip FarmBook Now

It is a HUGE park, with A LOT of tulips to see. Once you are there, I guarantee you will take many photos because the tulip garden is gorgeous!

Keukenhof showcases various tulip species in the park, for example, black tulips, mixed-colour tulips, etc. There are more flowers to see, not only tulips. Remember to check my Kuekenhof guide and insider tips.

I love Keukenhof and had a great time there, but you might find tulip fields worth visiting. You can see the tulip fields after visiting Keukenhof!

Is Keukenhof The Only Place To Explore Dutch Tulips?

There are a few locations where tulip farmers show their tulip gardens and share their knowledge and expertise about tulip business in the Netherlands, like De Tulperij, Tulip Experience Amsterdam, and Tulip Barn.

However, these places are far from Keukenhof, so arranging transportation or joining the best tulip tours from Amsterdam to visit them is best!

The Main Difference: Tulip Fields VS Tulip Garden Conclusion

In short, the tulip fields are large-scale agricultural tulip displays; the tulip garden at Keukenhof is a meticulously maintained garden known for its diversity of tulips and superb gardening skills.

Both offer excellent opportunities to appreciate Dutch tulips in different settings and contexts.

I recommend visiting the tulip garden and the fields for the complete tulip experience. You should decide what is best for yourself!

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