Nowadays, if you only visit Amsterdam tourist attractions it is not enough! You probably want to visit Instagrammable spots as well! The top places for Instagram pictures in Amsterdam are listed in this post!

Most of these places are in Amsterdam city center, so if you can staying at the Canal Belt Area in Amsterdam, it will be very easy to visit these places!


Polina founds Polaberry. She’s originally from Russia but has lived in Amsterdam for over 10 years.

After finishing her studies at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), she fully dedicated herself to social media and earned herself a name on Instagram!

Not only that, she opened her first store, POLABERRY, selling fresh strawberries covered in Belgian chocolate in Amsterdam City Center.

As young people love sharing pictures on social media, POLABERRY offers an Instagram wall for customers to take pictures!

#2 Pluk Amsterdam

Pluk is ran by Iris Zeilstra. She’s in her early 30s but already has two kids and many other two popular restaurants in Amsterdam City Center together with her husband.

Pluk Amsterdam is right next to the famous Prinsengracht. You can come here after visiting Anne Frank House or take the best canal cruise near Anne Frank House.

#3 Dignita Cafe

This is my favorite place for brunch in Amsterdam!

Dignita Cafe is in Amsterdam Canal Area, but not that many tourists in the area. The cafe is just right in the park next to Amsterdam Heritage Museum. It is nice to sit outside when it is a sunny day.

#4 Van Wonderen Stroopwafels

Talking about Amsterdam, you cannot miss Stroopwafels! However, the Stroopwafel from Van Woneren is very different, and even Super Model Gigi likes it!

Van Wondered was first opened in 2018, making them popular among tourists!

Their Stroopwafels are covered with Nutella chocolate and some toppings like M&M chocolate, mash mellow, nuts, etc. There are a lot of toppings you can choose from, and when I was there for the first time, it even took me some time to make a decision about what to have on my Stroopwafels.

Useful Tips when traveling in Amsterdam:

#5 The Avocado Show

As you might have guessed, the Avocado Show offers Avocado dishes to Avocado lovers!

The restaurant was first opened in 2017, and no reservation was allowed. My friends and I waited for nearly 2 hours on the weekend just for a table! However, you don’t need to wait for that long anymore! The Avocado Show has 2 locations in Amsterdam and 1 other restaurant located in Belgium.

The Avocado Show restaurant not only offers its customers nice food but also understands social responsibility’s importance. Their avocados are from Nature’s Pride, a company that values sustainability.

#6 Mama Kelly

If pink is one of your favorite colors, then Mama Kelly is your place!

Mama Kelly has 2 locations in the Netherlands: Amsterdam and The Hague. Believing in “Life is better in Pink,” they offer everything, from furniture to food, in pink. Not only that, their food and cocktail also have a good reputation among the locals.

#7 Corner Bakery Amsterdam

Want to have breakfast with your girlfriends in Amsterdam? Come visit Corner Bakery Amsterdam!

Corner Bakery Amsterdam started as a cafe but has now become a popular place for all-day breakfast! Not only that, but they are also famous for “FREAKSHAKES”!

With a good reputation for breakfast and FREAKSHAKES, they also offer a nice atmosphere to enjoy their food and drinks in the store.

#8 Wake Me Up When I’m Famous

Last but not least. The best part of it is that it’s for FREE!

“Wake me up when I’m famous” is a simple design of words but has turned into a real internet sensation. The design came from local artists.

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