Is Go City Amsterdam Pass worth it? I used it on my trip to Amsterdam in March 2023. I would love to give you what I think about it, how to use it, and if you should buy the city pass.

However, I am objective and give you full transparency about the card; it’s worth your time to read the post!

There are many tourists card for Amsterdam; here is a detailed comparison of the I Amsterdam City Card, the Go City Amsterdam Pass, and The Amsterdam Pass.

Is Go City Amsterdam Pass a good deal?

Yes, the card includes all the top-rated attractions in Amsterdam, including Rijksmuseum, Moco Museums, House of Bols, Heineken Experience, A’DAM Lookout, bike rental, canal cruise, etc. It has what you want to visit as a tourist in Amsterdam.


If you buy the All-Inclusive (Day) Pass, you can visit as many attractions as you want; if you utilize the card entirely, let’s say you use it for at least five sites, it only costs EUR 12 per attraction.

The regular price per attraction is around EUR 18, which saves you a lot of money, and not to mention; I will share how easy it is to arrange your day trip to Amsterdam using the pass.


Some attractions, like Rijksmuseum and Heineken Experience, need to reserve the time slot in advance, but it’s easy to make a reservation; book it one to two weeks before your visit date.

Things to know before paying:

City Pass includes some tours, like Keukenhof tours and Anne Frank House walking tours. That’s why it is so popular.

However, there are limited spots for the tours, and it’s a bit complicated to reserve your spot, and there’s no guarantee you will get the spot.

You need to email the tour company asking if you have any spots. If not, you cannot join.

I recommend you buy this card for classic attractions, like Amsterdam Canal Cruises, Rijksmuseum Tickets, not for walking tours or guided tours, since there’s no guarantee you can join the tours.

Of course, you can buy the pass one or two months in advance to reserve your spot. The pass is only activated when you scan the code for your first attraction.

Who should buy Go City Amsterdam Pass?

The pass is for anyone as long as you plan to visit the attractions included in the pass.

Who should not buy Go City Amsterdam Pass?

Suppose you only want to visit one or two attractions covered in the Go City Amsterdam Pass, it might be more beneficial to buy the tickets separately, or the attractions you would like to see are not on City Pass, but on the I Amsterdam City Card, like Eye Film Museum, NEMO Science Museum, etc.

If you are traveling with kids in Amsterdam

I recommend the I Amsterdam City Card since popular attractions for kids, like Artis Zoo, NEMO Science Museum, etc., are only the I Amsterdam City Card.

Besides, you get unlimited rides with GVB buses, trams, and the metro (I Amsterdam City Card includes public transportation by GVB to travel inside the city freely).

How to use Go City Amsterdam Pass? (Step-by-Step Guide)

#1 Purchase the card

There are two options for the pass: an All-Inclusive (Day) Pass or an Explore Pass (pick how many attractions you would like to visit).

Go City Amsterdam Pass overview - All-Inclusive Pass vs Explorer Pass

An All-Inclusive (day) pass is a good option if you would like to visit as many attractions as possible. The explorer pass suits people who want to take their time or plan to see everything in one or two days.

I had Explorer Pass since I stayed in Amsterdam and wanted to use it for multiple days.

#2 Download the app on your phone

Once purchased, you get a confirmation email. You need to connect your order to your phone, and it’s super easy and convenient.

2-1 Download the app on your phone

Click on the first button – Download the app, and the system takes you to the app store on your phone, and you can download the app directly.

2-2 Connect your order with the app

Click on the second button – Sync your pass; the system will synchronize the order with your phone.

Connect the order with your phone as early as possible in case you need help from the customer service team. Also, you can reserve the tours and attractions early, guaranteeing the spots!

#3 How to enter the museums and attractions?

By showing your pass, you can immediately enter the place for attractions like A’DAM Lookout, House of Bols, and Moco Museums.

From my experience, I used the pass for the canal cruise, Moco Museums, and A’DAM Lookout; the staff immediately recognized my pass. It’s very convenient.

#4 How to reserve your spots for Rijksmuseum and Heineken Experience?

You need to reserve your spots first for Heineken Experience and Rijksmuseum. Here is how I did it.

Open the app, look for Rijksmuseum/Heineken Experience.

Once you click on it, there’s a link to reserve the spot.

Please read the instruction first; for Rijksmuseum, you need to select “I already have a ticket/voucher.”

After booking, you will get an e-ticket from Rijksmuseum in your email. Same instruction for Heineken Experience.

One-day itinerary using Go City Amsterdam Pass

Below is the itinerary for my one-day trip to Amsterdam for your reference.

It’s my exclusive tips to fully utilize the card, especially if you have an All-Inclusive (day) Pass.

TimeWhere to go?
9.00Rent a bike at MacBike (Return before 18.00)
10.00Visit Dam Square + Palace
11.00Explore Kalverstraat, also Enjoy the best Dutch fries
12.00Museums in Museumplein + Canal Cruise
17.00Return the bike & Visit A’DAM Lookout (A’DAM Swing)
18.30Dinner at Loetje
20.00Visit Red-Light District/Canal Belt Area

#1 Rent a bike first

Once you arrive at Amsterdam Central Station, go to the MacBike shop.

Take the exit for taking the ferry (behind the station at the waterfront).

Then, walk toward the Mango and I Amsterdam shop, MacBike shop is at the end of the shopping street.

The City Pass includes bike rental.

I recommend renting one since you can travel around Amsterdam with your bike without paying for public transportation.

Of course, cycling in Amsterdam is the most fun way to get an unforgettable experience.


You need to return the bike before the shop closes.

You can drop it at the designated place if you miss it, but it costs you EUR 10.

In addition, you need to pay EUR 50 as a deposit when you rent a bike (this is normal in the Netherlands).

#2 Head to Dam Square + Try the best “Patat” in Amsterdam

Once you have the bike, it’s easy to explore Amsterdam.

First, go to Dam Square and Palace, one of the must-see attractions in Amsterdam city center.

If you want lunch, have the best Flemish fries (Dutch: Patat) at Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx.

They have the best “Patat” in Amsterdam, and it comes with quite a big portion, and potato makes you have a filling feeling quickly.

If you travel solo in Amsterdam, a small one is enough unless you are a big eater.

Note that the sauce is an extra cost; this is common in the Netherlands. The most popular choice is to have it with mayonnaise, which tastes good.

Since it’s popular, many people finish their food at the shop, but if you want to enjoy it at a better place, you can walk 1 minute to Koningsplein or visit Singel floating market while enjoying your lunch.

My favorite cafe with a fantastic Amsterdam view is close to Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx. You can also visit there if you wish to have a proper meal for lunch.

#3 Visit Museums

There are many museums across Amsterdam for all ages. Here are my top five favorites:

Anne Frank House Museum & Anne Frank House Museum

These two places are at the top of the list for many people, but Go City Amsterdam Pass does not cover them.

If you wish to visit Anne Frank House, please remember that Anne Frank House releases tickets six weeks before the visit date.

Anne Frank House website is the only channel that sells the tickets, so there is no chance to buy tickets at the door on the day (more tips for visiting Anne Frank House).

If you want to visit Van Gogh Museum, book the tickets online, especially during peak season.



Rijksmuseum has a vast collection of world-famous paintings from Dutch painters like Rembrandt and Vermeer.

If you are an art lover, don’t miss out on the chance to see their masterpieces with your own eyes.

If you visit Rijksmuseum, you need to reserve the timeslot for your visit beforehand. However, it’s easy to make a reservation if you book it at least one week in advance.

House of Bols

If you don’t like conventional art or traditional museums, House of Bols is for you 😉

A Dutch physician created Gin, so you should visit the House of Bols.

The museum is in an interactive setting with colorful lighting, and the best part is that there’s a bar at the end of your visit.

Every visitor has a free (with/without Gin) cocktail!

The bartender customizes the drink for you.

When I was there, they let me try two shots of flavored Gin and one Gin-based cocktail. It was my first time trying it; it was a great experience. I highly recommend this place if you visit Amsterdam!

Moco Museum

Another fun contemporary art museum in Amsterdam!

They have a collection of work from UK-based famous street artist Banksy.

If you like his work, don’t miss this opportunity! Besides Banksy, they have Digital Immersive Art Exhibition; it’s fun and interactive.

I accessed the museum by showing my Go City Pass at the door; no need to explain anything.

#4 Hop on Canal Cruises from Rijksmuseum

Canal Cruise is one of the top things you must do in Amsterdam, and Go City Amsterdam Pass covers it too!

The pass works with Stromma canal cruise company; they have multiple places, like Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, and Centraal Station, to get on the boat.

I recommend taking the cruise from Rijksmuseum since it’s less busy.

On the day of my visit, I was the first guest boarding the boat and only a few people when departing.

Where can you get on the canal cruise from Rijksmuseum?

The Stromma canal cruise company is just right in front of the Rijksmuseum.

First, you must show your pass at the counter inside the store in exchange for the entrance ticket.

You can give the tickets to the captain when entering the cruise.

The canal boat cruise shop near Rijksmuseum
Stromma Canal is right in front of Rijksmuseum.

The cruise is around 75 minutes, 15 minutes longers than taking the cruise from Amsterdam Central Station.

I was pleased that I took the boat from Rijksmuseum since I didn’t have to wait in line to get on the ship, saving me a lot of time.

What is the best time to take the canal cruise?

When you are tired, it’s nice to rest on the boat while enjoying the Amsterdam view. That’s perfect for us.

#5 Go to A’DAM Lookout & Take A’DAM Swing

If you rent the bike as I suggested in this post. Don’t forget to return it before six o’clock in the afternoon.

Afterward, I recommend visiting A’DAM Lookout, the best place to see the Amsterdam skyline.

This attraction is only for Go City Amsterdam Pass holders, not included in the I Amsterdam City Card.

I highly recommend taking A’DAM Swing, taking a swing from the rooftop of the tallest building in Amsterdam!

It is super crazy if you think about it, but it’s a great thing to do and guaranteed that you would get an unforgettable experience! I did not dare to do it, but if you like it, do it.

Is it worth it to go to A’DAM Lookout if I don’t take A’DAM Swing?

I didn’t take the swing but I still believe it’s worth it.

The scenery was great when I saw the skyline from the rooftop.

Besides the view, the atmosphere was great. I greatly liked the bar vibe; it was super cozy and relaxing. A good place to hang out after a day traveling in Amsterdam.

You can also come here for sunset if you like.

#6 Have local food in Amsterdam City Center

After visiting A’DAM Lookout, it’s good to enjoy dinner. You can have the most famous steakhouse at Loetje.

You can have pizza at my favorite pizza restaurant De Pizzabakkers or one of my favorite Asian Restaurants in China Town, close to the Red Light District.

You can also join canal dinner cruise if you would like to have a special cruise experience!

#7 Visit the Red Light District

Whether you like it or not, the Red Light District is part of Amsterdam.
If you want to look deeper into its behind-the-scenes cultural stories, the best way is to join a guided tour. Of course, you can also visit the museum about the Red Light District in Amsterdam.

1.5 Hour– Show the historical secret areas
– The back alleys of De Wallen and meet locals
Book Now
2 Hours– Discover how & why Red Light District developed its liberal attitudes towards sex & drugs
– See the oldest building, the canals and beautiful old houses
Book Now

Is it safe to walk in the Red Light district alone?

Yes, walking alone as a female traveler is safe since the city government is doing all it can to keep the area safe and friendly to tourists.

Remember, the Red Light District is a popular place for tourists. However, I recommend visiting there before 10 p.m.

It’s not that it’s not safe to be there, but it gets much more crowded, and you might feel uncomfortable being there alone.

#8 Enjoy Quiet Amsterdam Canal at night

If you still have time and energy, walk along the Amsterdam Canal Belt Area to enjoy a peace of quiet here.

I love walking at night here since it’s much fewer people and a better atmosphere to enjoy the evening canal view. Amsterdam is much more beautiful at night, so seize the chance to do it while you can.

It’s also a good idea to visit the bars in the De Pjip area. De Pijp area is the area where the local young people hang out.

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